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Episode 146: Why “Next Time” Is a Lie and the Million Dollar Difference

Episode 146: Why “Next Time” Is a Lie and the Million Dollar Difference

Welcome to the Born to rise podcast, the show that celebrates the limitless power of women who say yes to their gifts and use them to build extraordinary lives and businesses. Each mfonth I’ll be interviewing world class women thought leaders, entrepreneurs and visionaries to uncover their expert tools, tips and wisdom on what it takes to claim your vision. Boldly go after it and elevate into your highest potential. I’m your host, Kate scoter reminding you gorgeous that you were born to rise.

\Welcome you guys. We are going deep today baby. We are going to be talking about wealth building today. My love’s specifically today, the number one wealth killer thing to watch out for thing to avoid. Just be mindful and aware of so that you don’t fall into this trap and you can open yourself up to the flow of cash. Not only cash flow increasing but also compounding over time. Okay. That’s what we’re gonna be talking about today. I am super pumped for this episode. So for those of you who caught me on stories later today, for those of you who were in the room, I have been obsessed and currently reading a couple books in prep for launching Minted my five week money program, which is kicking off next week. If you have not already claimed your space, you guys, literally like I don’t even know what you’re doing. If you have been wanting to grow your relationship with money if you have been wanting to work with me as your coach instead of an intimate container.

This is the opportunity that you want to freaking step on right the heck now. I mean, all my programs are epic. I love coaching my clients at all different levels. If you want to get in the freakin room though, this is the place to plug in. That’s the link in my bio you can DM me blah, blah, blah, it’s everywhere. But you want to get in this room. So anyway, in preparation for leading minted, I’ve been reading a couple different books. On both tactics strategy. I’ve been meeting with my own Wealth Advisors, I had an hour and a half meeting with one of my Wealth Advisors today I am just like, so pumped. And this is just a random side note. When you invest in mentorship that is highly invested in themselves. Like I’m talking to the tune of hundreds of 1000s of dollars a year, you get so much more back for your money investing like I am so genuinely pumped to share all of this knowledge accumulation that I have gathered after making my own investments, getting my own support squad in my corner to truly like bring the fire to the ladies and minted to the clients I serve in other containers like the value is just so astronomical.

Why the greatest financial risk is not the emotional volatility of the market

And one of the books I’ve been reading is called Rewire for Wealth by Barbara Hewson, who is an amazing teacher wealth educator. She’s written like a million books, and she has this line in there that I swear like I wrote down the first time I listened to this on audiobook I’m going through again and it just jumps out at me every time she says the greatest financial risk is not the volatility of the market. Okay and she is just like a little bit of background about her it’s so interesting she is and I think I’m going to get this right the daughter of the block guys so for those of you who live in the United States you know probably h&r block is like one of the biggest tax submit your taxes through us you know companies it’s like everywhere you see him on street corners they’re like everywhere up in your grill around tax season, h&r block, it’s like massive So anyway, this mogul family money family, she is the daughter of the block guy of h&r block. But she tells the story of her relationship and experience with money, which is so fascinating. Basically, that money was a thing in her family. They had a ton of it. They were these like financial experts. But the women were told like No, no, no, honey, you don’t have to worry about that. So she came from an extremely wealthy family and extremely knowledgeable family as it related to money. But she was always told like no, don’t get your hands dirty, don’t like get into it too much. Wah blah, blah. You don’t have to worry about it. And so when she got married, her husband started to manage all of their funds. She again was just like hands off, because that was the narrative in her family. And her husband ended up being like a compulsive gambler and gambled away all of their money.

And so long story short, she has had to build herself up from being like, truly like trust fund baby and having like the road golden paved before her to needing to truly begin from the beginning. And it has made an incredible career for herself being a financial expert in her own right. And this line just struck me so strongly that says, and I’m going to repeat it for anybody who’s just popping on the greatest financial risk is not the emotional volatility of the market, the uptown. Okay, and I’m going to translate this in a moment as it relates to the business world because she’s talking about investing, which as we know, as business owners, we are constantly investing in ourselves whether we are investing in a team member, whether we are investing in a coach, whether we are oh, it’s called rewire for wealth by Barbara Hewson, whether we are investing in a coach, whether we are investing in our third coach, right, there are always investments that will support us to unlock the next level of our entrepreneurial identity, the next frequency of our magnetism the next layer of our impact. And this is true in the investment world. And this is true in the entrepreneurial world, right and good entrepreneurs. I wasn’t good entrepreneurs. I shouldn’t say that.

Why investing in yourself helps you unlock your next level entrepreneurial identity

Savvy entrepreneurs who are generating and have started to generate a lot of money in their business are looking at diversifying assets right? This is how we start to compound and build wealth over time. If this sounds like kind of scary and you’re like both turned on and also have felt like you’ve never wanted to raise your hand in a financial conversation because like money hasn’t been your thing math isn’t your thing. numbers aren’t your thing guys. I was an English Lit major like in Spanish like I did not even take a math class in college to be honest with you, but I am obsessed with getting empowered around your numbers and around money. So if this feels like boring, scary, sexy but also a little daunting like please know You are so welcome in this conversation and every single thing we’re going to be covering inside of minted is like demystifying the living fuck out of money and wealth building and growth so that you don’t have to feel like you don’t belong in the room anymore because you Abso-freaking-lutely do so she says the greatest financial risk is not the the volatility of the market. Okay, we see I was literally looking at this in a spreadsheet today with my like 70 something year old wealth advisor bless him is freakin amazing. of looking at just what the what the stock market has done over the years what has happened, right? Typically, when there is like a crash or a dip or a down trend. What happens right people when there is a downtrend, volatility in the market, when prices of things go up and down when there’s fluctuation. If the investor is emotionally volatile, right is not prepared to ride on the coattails of money and doesn’t understand the way that again, we’re using the example the stock mark here doesn’t understand the fluctuations doesn’t understand the law of ebb and flow of circulation, but goes into this like limbic contracted fearful, oh my god, fuck, fuck, fuck, my stock value went down, my assets are plummeting, I got to get out. Right? That is where we see investors like really lose their capital. Same thing goes in business. Same thing goes in business. When we see for example, we invest in a coach or we invest in a program or we invest in team or we do all of those things, right to build out, let’s say a new signature offer.

Why money is not static

And we’re so invested, and we’re going to launch this program and we know it’s going to be the best thing ever. And then guess what? Doors open hallelujah, hurrah. We expect cash to just like fall out of the sky. And what happens? What happens if nobody signs up? What happens if nobody signs up for the first entire week? What is the equivalent of emotional volatility like an investor pulling their money out of the stock market when there’s a dip and by the way, what we see in these trends and today I was literally looking at s&p 500 like charts of investment and years and over a 20 year period and we were looking at downtrend what happens the year after a downtrend is this massive surge in value. This is a wave money is a wave money is an energy that flows. It undulates, it ebbs, just like every cyclical living organic thing. Money is moving you guys money is not static.

I want to truly empower you to see your money as an asset that is designed to work for you that is designed to move and to fluctuate. When, as the investor the business owner As CEO, you start to look at a downtrend, you start to look at an outflow, you start to look at a contraction period as something is wrong. That is where we get fucked. That is where we truly cap our ability to grow wealth. Because growing wealth requires that we lead ourselves through the contraction moments growing wealth. And like I mean this on the most literal level. Like, if as if I was like an investment, bro talking to you. Money requires you to be able to ride the emotional wave of the financial wave in order to yield a higher return over time. Like, this is like literal economics. The exact same principle applies to entrepreneurship in business. If you, for example, and I have seen this, I’ve seen this with clients I’ve seen, it’s been so interesting, even having some like DM conversations with people who are like, I want to be admitted so bad like I am like, you have no idea how much I need to improve my relationship with money or how freaking ready I am for this up level. But I just like need to wait until XYZ condition happens. Or I just need to like, let my you know, let my launch perform. And then I’ll like invest in myself, or I just need to like get to this certain level of savings before I can let money go out. And it’s just like, whenever I get that, I just chuckled to myself, because I’m like, this is the exact reason why you need to get in the room.

Why you need to recognize the level of emotional mastery and energetic neutrality around releasing money

This is the exact reason because if we do this cat and mouse, if we do this, when this, then that we are literally feeding the very thing that is keeping us from moving to the next level, we are in the vibrational frequency of the very thing we are trying to get out of, but we’re just looping ourselves. We’re just looping. And so what breaks the loop you guys what shifts that? Recognizing that we need to have a certain level of emotional mastery, but also have like vision and energetic neutrality around releasing money, witnessing money dip, witnessing, launched if witnessing, you know, I mean, how many times do we hear this in a particular launch. And let’s like relate this back to business online coaching business, like in a launch, right? If you have a week, let’s just say that you had your biggest month in a long time, you just had one of your most expensive months, and then you are going to launch a program. So let’s say you had this like huge, expensive month, and then you were expecting to just like go out of the gate and sell, sell, sell and everything was going to flow. And then there was this dip, there was this downturn, what are you going to do? What’s going to happen if you are emotionally volatile if you have your worth and I mean, there’s like there how many layers down the rabbit hole Do you want to go wrapped up into my worth is based on my value in this space, my ability to sell my magnetism as a coach My potency as a mentor, my, my money making ability is now represented by this week’s like slower income or by this month slower income or by this launches, you know, slow start, what happens now this is where entrepreneurs shoot themselves in the foot. And frankly, you guys like I have many, many clients at the seven figure level. This is the difference between women who truly start to compound the value of their company over time, the impact of their business over time, the size of their audience, the size of their revenue, like the clients who truly start to scale are the ones who have mastered this emotional regulation. And it might seem so simple and so basic. And you might be watching this to say Kate like, I eat mindset for breakfast, like emotional regulation like I am such a master. And I’m gonna say okay, totally.

Why the greatest financial risk to your business is your own emotional volatility

I know you know all the journaling prompts, you probably give some of them to your clients. But do you practice them in the breakdown? Do you practice them in the moments of contraction, we can preach and teach all the live long day you guys about the mindset tools, the energy tools, the expansion tools, the releasing, but like when it’s you who’s experiencing a contraction when it’s you who needs to look at a dip in your Stripe account or your Paypal when it’s you who’s scratching your head thinking WTF about this launch or about this thing? Do you have the ability to regulate and still operate in a space of expansion with your money? That is the question. The greatest financial risk is not the volatility of the market. It’s not the volatility of the algorithm. It’s not the volatility. I’m riffing off of Barbara Houston’s thing here, right? It’s not the volatility of your Active Campaign open rates.

It’s not the volatility in the external. What is truly the greatest financial risk is your emotional volatility as the business owner. Can you still lead yourself through moments when the ground is shaky beneath you? Are you still clear on your identity, your wealth, identity and how you make investments and decisions? When you are in the driver’s seat of your business? If you have that mastery, nothing is going to stop you will be a millionaire, a multi millionaire, it’s inevitable. It’s a matter of time. It’s a non question. It’s not an if it’s a when practicing, this is what takes work, practicing this is what requires stability, regulation, nervous system regulation, but also practical regulation, being able to stabilize financial decisions. It is always like so interesting to me. When I have clients who tell me like, Ah, this thing is happening. And you know, one of the biggest things that I’m like struggling with or one of the, like, most annoying things that’s ever happened to me is like a client saying, you know, I haven’t gotten paid, so I’m not going to pay you. And it’s like that kind of thinking. I mean, granted, I don’t see that like firsthand a lot. I don’t see that firsthand a lot in my business at all. I don’t see that a ton with clients. But I have heard those stories before. It’s like, Would you ever dream of just like not paying your bills because you haven’t gotten paid? No. But like, in order to truly under lock, a level of stability regulation and not just like homeostasis, I’m talking about like a springboard to be able to take the fuck off. We need to learn how to operate in a more emotionally regulated, expansive way when it comes to money.

Can you be neutral a couple weeks ago, I talked about like, one of the biggest probably the single biggest outpouring of cash assets of mine happened like last month, more than $300,000 cash out some of it going to house and like home investment and like investment property stuff, some of it going to high level business mentorship with two different mentors, and then a third consultant, okay to the tune of over $100,000 I am so 14 multiple mentors and support in your corner, if you are just joining, the value of being ritually supported for yourself is astronomical. But like think of what you are passing on to your clients by being the most supportive that you can have. For me, it’s like a non negotiable to have top of the line support pouring into me on all different levels because that everything that I am receiving, from book recommendations to launch strategy to mindset support to resources, like all of that gets to be integrated in myself and poured into all of the people that I serve. It’s a friggin no brainer.

So when you and so I’m sharing this story with you because I could have very easily gone into holy shit like yes, we had a multiple six figure cash January, but I could have easily gone into, but like we had a 300k out, you know, over the over the last six weeks, like, oh my god, like I’m in such contraction. This is like so scary. And I’m like, No, this is just like ebb and flow. Because I know, all of that capital is now working as an investment in these other areas, investments in my business investments in my home and my family investments, not only in a home, but it’s also going to yield income over time as a rental. Like there’s just all of these ways in which my inner story my inner working around money and the way that I view the way that my money is working for me completely shifts me out of any sort of like emotional volatility scarcity go into squirrel mode. And guess what, like, we are still investing we are still we just paid out team bonuses like there’s so much outpouring that is still happening and there’s circulation and importing. This is true emotional mastery when it comes to money is recognizing and honoring the law of circulation, recognizing and honoring the law of fluctuation.

When you learn how to be intimate with money how to have a thriving healthy relationship you no longer see out you no longer see dips you no longer see outpouring as like going into the red, red alert brain goes on hijack mode, you see, wow, my asset just has moved from liquid capital into this other thing that gets to support me to compound my wealth over time and how freaking cool is that? This is the subtle yet essential mindset shift have truly wealthy people. And I want to transmit this to you here and now like we are going this shit that you’re gonna learn inside of minted you guys, I’m just so freaking excited for you to get this and for you to integrate this and not for you to just like, watch it in a live or listen to it on a podcast episode and be like, Wow, that’s so inspiring, Cait. It really encouraged me to think of money in a new way like no, I want you to live money in a new way. I want you to breathe money in a new way. I want you your relationship with wealth to be one of profound ease peace regulation, expansion, intimacy, one that you feel so empowered around. If this episode is spoken to you, if you are resonating with this, I invite you to join me and an incredible group of women for the financial revolution of a lifetime inside of minted you guys, you can go to use the code half off. I’m literally like basically gifting this program because I believe so much that when more money is in the hands of more incredible heart centered, driven empowered women.

We truly change the world like having financial capital having economic power in the hands of heart centered women is the freaking game changer. Sure money doesn’t buy happiness, but you know what? It gives you a voice it gives you a platform, it gives you the ability to impact at a higher level. And as well as like give back and create a nice life for your family and all of those beautiful things. Yes, but like, do you want to make change like get comfortable and get right in your relationship with money? Get comfortable with the idea of being a minted woman get comfortable with holding circulating and expanding larger and larger sums of money. It will change your world and it will change the world. I hope this has impacted you. I hope this has landed with you. If you have any questions send me a DM if you want to chat anymore about anything send me a DM I just cannot freakin wait and send me a DM once you’ve signed up. I can’t wait to celebrate with you. It is truly a financial revolution that we are creating. And I’m so excited to be there with you.

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