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Episode 124. The Skinny On Fall From The Sky Clients

Episode 124. The Skinny On Fall From The Sky Clients

Hello, and welcome to today’s episode of The Born To Rise Podcast. I’m your host, Cait Scudder. Today we are talking about the skinny on fall from the sky clients, both the energy and the strategy that supports people who we are not even expecting come into our DMS our inbox, wherever sales are made and say I’m ready to go. People we did not even know about who are ready straight from the get go. We’re going to be unpacking how this happens. And how you can start to reverse engineer some of these tools to call in these dream clients who come in from nowhere ready to go. 

I am so excited to talk about this. I am so freakin passionate about this topic, and I cannot wait to chat it through. We are talking about what is the freaking deal with a fall from the sky out of nowhere out of left field clients who are ready to go. This is a theme that so many of my clients are seeing right now. It’s something that comes to my business literally monthly. And I don’t say that in a braggy way, it’s a literal way. 

I want to unpack it, I want to talk about why that happens. how that happens, how we can be intentional in our marketing and in our mindset about cultivating an environment in our business where that becomes your new normal, where it is normal for people to reach out from out of freaking nowhere and be like Yo, I’m ready to go.

Two Pieces Of The Puzzle You Need To Implement

We are talking about two different sides of how this happens. There is an energetic piece, which is so important. And we’re going to start with strategy because energy is really where we need to end up. There’s really two pieces that I want to unpack here and the skinny on where do these fall from the sky clients even happen. 

So we’re going to talk about the energetic piece being open being available for them, staying available, which is literally I would say 75% of the work. However, there is absolute freaking lately a 25% which is about strategy baby, nuts and bolts, marketing visibility, the things that actually enable your clients, your prospective clients to connect with you to vibe with you to be like holy smokes, I am over here popcorn-munching, bingeing on this woman’s content to the point that the message that you are putting out, and the place that I am at, I’m speaking from the eye perspective of your client right now. 

But the message that you, the coach, or the service provider, or the expert or whoever, whatever kind of business you run is putting out and the place that I am at both internally in my own trajectory, journey, investment stage, whatever. And what I’m hearing from you is aligned, and I’m ready to go.

The Strategy Behind Sky-Falling Clients

So let’s dive into the strategy piece. First, this is going to be a very juicy one. So take notes, because this is going to be so important for you. So first thing that I want to speak to, and how we can actually incorporate a marketing plan, a marketing strategy that supports the environment for people to fall from the sky. 

Let’s just first be clear what we’re talking about. Have you had the experience of somebody reaching out from nowhere to work with you? Somebody that you didn’t even know was following you. Somebody who you were not in DM conversations with all the time somebody that you didn’t even know Maybe it was in your audience, but they reached out and they were ready to go and so excited to work with you. 

They are so fun. And it is so fun. Because right when they reach out, they’re ready to go. There’s no objections. There’s no like, I need to convince you of anything. They’re like, bang, I vibe with you. Let’s do the damn thing. Pay in full, please. We love that. Right? 

Why More People Watch You Than You Realize

So I think there’s a couple different pieces that we want to speak to. And if you haven’t yet had that experience, and you’re listening to this, you’re like, what does that even mean? Fall from the sky client is a lead, a client, a prospective client who becomes a client who has been following your work silently. 

Let’s just get one thing straight here, guys, there are so many more people watching you than you even know. The majority of people, and this is where metrics are so important. I am a very data-driven person. However, there are workers that your metrics are not going to touch. Maybe you see the number of sales, page views, or number of watches on a post, but we don’t see who those people are: so many of our leads. 

I think this is both a strategic thing to nail down and also a mindset and an energy thing to get behind. If you believe and know that there are so many more people in your audience who are watching your live streams, who are listening to your podcast episodes –if you have a podcast, who are watching your interviews, who are reading your content, who are opening your emails, you can see the emails but all the other things on social you cannot see who those people are. They are watching though. And it’s so important that we remember this. 

I know that sometimes it can feel like I don’t get that instant gratification or I don’t see all the buys straight away. It is so important that you remember that every piece of valuable present, bring-the-heat content that you put out into the world you are literally depositing into a piggy bank of future payoff. Every single piece of content. 

Why Every Piece Of Content Matters

That’s where we need to emotionally regulate ourselves as business owners so that we don’t feel like, every time we record an episode or every time we do something, we’re expecting to see an instant payoff in the form of a client straight away. So many of these fall from the sky clients, the majority of them –and I have done I’ve started to do this with clients who I have, which literally come in every single month, people who’ve never bought a program with me before who are like bang, I’m ready to sign up for a mastermind thing. I want to do private coaching Hello six-figure investment who I’ve never spoken to before. 

I obviously, have a little bit of a vetting process to make sure that that’s a good match. But it is frequent in my business that people will come out of nowhere to do a five, multi-five, six-figure package. The way that this happens is a consistent stream of content, a body of work that is not reactive to instantaneous results where rain might seem. It’s so important to remember this is where you might experience somebody falling from the sky. They have actually been consuming your content, benefiting from your content before they even pay you a cent likely for multiple weeks, if not months, if not years. 

I’ve had clients who circle back this last round of The Rise Mastermind. Somebody who has been on the waitlist for Rise for two years, and who I haven’t spoken to in like two years, and just fell from the sky was ready to go. No objections, knew it’s what she wanted. Total dream, right? This is not random. It’s not happenstance. It’s not something that we just have to leave up to the orbit of the moon or whose houses. I’m not downplaying those things. I’m super woo and I love all that stuff. 

Two Things You Need To Do To Get Fall-From-The-Sky Clients

However, we have to do two things. Number one is to stay energetically open and available for people to come in in ways beyond our control. I am a control freak, maybe you could fight to figure that out. However, I think that if I’ve learned anything in business it is that the more I created an entire program on this year because it was one of my major intentions. 

A huge lesson of mine that I got through childbirth that allowing –allow was my word for the year –allowing everything that we desire to come to us is such a more efficient use actually of our energy and time and effort and creativity than it is chasing after the things that we want. Allowing it to come to us and through us. And so much of that is true when it comes to being energetically open being energetically available for clients to come in and be ready to convert, without you needing to do anything. 

There’s a paradox here, right? Because you absolutely do need to do something. That’s why I say it’s not 100% vibes, it’s absolutely strategy by allowing them to come to you. That means being detached enough from the timeline. If you haven’t watched the live video that I did, it’s here saved on my Instagram. It’s also a podcast episode. It’s on alkalizing pressure. It’s all about detaching from timelines. 

I had a client recently who asked, how do you detach from your goals to not mess yourself up in the head? I was like, I never detached from my goals. I’m always super committed and attached to my goals. However, when we’re attached to goals happening in the timeline that we set, that’s where we trip ourselves up. That’s where stuff feels really pressurized and achy and not fun and stressful, and timeline comparison is real and all of this stuff that’s not fruitful, right? 

Same thing is true when we’re putting out content. When we’re hosting free webinars when we’re delivering amazing value. We’re like, why is nobody converting? That’s where we energetically shut ourselves off. So it’s super important that we detach from when we think a lead or an interested person in your DMs should convert. 

Number one, know that there are so many more people out there who are interested in your work, who are watching your shit that are not commenting, that you don’t see, than the ones that you do. There are more people watching who you have no idea about than the leads that you are aware about. 

So energetically, let’s out-put a little pep in your step because they’re out there baby. They absa-freaking-lutely are. I would write you a check to bet on it. Guarantee that there are more people out there who are watching your stuff, who are interested in your work, and they will enjoy their time. 

And this is another thing, we think that we are the gods of the universe. We’re not. Sorry, we’re just not and sometimes people have their own stuff going on. Sometimes timing is hiding an excuse and sometimes it’s real. Sometimes people don’t have the space, but they’re gonna come around. Knowing that, being open to that, you can just let go. And then let go. Allow and then come back. 

The Manifestation Triangle

So inside of the program that I ran called Allow, we talked about the manifestation triangle. I’ll just talk about that briefly here because it’s super relevant to this. If the top of the triangle is the thing you want, so let’s say dream clients falling out of the sky, right? On the one hand is all the stuff that the universe, the algorithm, God, spirit, the shit outside of your control needs to do and needs to show up. They need to see the posts in the right day. They need to whatever. Things need to go your way. 

On the other side of the triangle is all the stuff that you can control: showing up in powerful energy. This is why it is so important that you get out of your own head and bring your A-game, no matter what the timeline. I don’t care if you haven’t signed a client in five months. If you are showing up to listen on mindset today and super not sure of yourself, no wonder! We’re not going to sign clients in that vibe. We’re not going to sign clients in that energy. I literally don’t care if you have not signed a client yet in your life. I want you on your side of this manifestation triangle to be showing up powerfully. Like somebody who knows that there is a client on the way for her. Somebody who knows that there are women out there watching her stuff, that are being moved, that are being supported, that are being healed, that are being guided, that are being transformed. That is the energy we need from you. 

The obvious things with strategy, like pick a freaking platform, double down, work it until it works for you. Are you showing up on Instagram? Are you showing up on your podcast? Are you doing collaborative interviews? Are you going Live in a Facebook group? It doesn’t actually matter where but pick a place and go for it and be consistent. Give value to your people before they pay you a cent. 

Remember that analogy of the piggy bank? Every single time you do that, you are putting every single piece of content you create you’re depositing a coin in the piggy bank of the universe that will pay out to you and its own sweet time. It’s your job to not constantly be rattling that piggy bank and ask when’s it coming out? When’s it coming out? It’ll pay off in its time. Your job is not to guess the future. You’re That is not to like wrangle those coins out of the piggy bank, your job is to keep depositing them into that piggy bank, and know that they’re coming. 

Future Gratitude, Present Gratitude, And Future Gratitude

So you get to lean back, focus on your side and do the damn thing to the fullest of your ability. That is when people fall from the sky. That is the how of how people fall from the sky. Now, there’s a really beautiful question here from Jamie about, what do you suggest for staying in this open energy meditation mantras? One of the practices that I do, I actually just did something on this with my Rise Mastermind girls yesterday in a mindset call, a practice that I do daily in my life. It’s not even in my business, it’s in my life. It’s a very simple, yet wildly powerful gratitude practice. It’s called future gratitude, present gratitude, and future gratitude. 

I have a notebook, it’s called, I wrote on the front, a word that encapsulates a vibe of the version of me and identity. You could say that I am growing into multimillionaire mama is what it says. I write down in this journal, affirmations of the things that I am creating and calling in and blending together. Things that I’m grateful for now. Blending together things that I am grateful for now and things that I am grateful for in the future that have not yet happened. 

So I am a happy healthy mama of four or I am blissfully married into my 70s or I am multi-millionaire and super happy mama. I am, whatever, blah, blah, blah, and I write down these affirmations. You could write down I am so grateful to have a booked-out client roster of absolute dream clients. I love my clients. I love everyone who’s joined the X program. I’m so grateful to be fully booked at x price and really bring it in. 

Here’s the thing about manifestation and calling stuff in, when we do it from a super heady place, we’re really shooting ourselves in the foot. That’s where we get tripped up and get all weird attachments to timeline. 

Deliver Value, Be Open, And Clients Will Come

No, our job is to stay in the heart-centered feeling state, yummy, yummy, yummy vibration of what it can feel like to be expansive. And so this is a practice. It’s something that I recommend. There’s so many beautiful mantras, playlists, whatever . Any mindset practice that keeps you not just thinking about being expanded but feeling expanded and open. That’s your gold. 

I have clients who are like, yep, self-pleasuring for me, I have clients were like, yep, it’s yoga for me. Walk in the woods, journal in your notebook. Like there are so many practices available to you. Try some on is my recommendation and see what feels good. 

But welcoming in dream clients who fall from the sky is so much about strategically showing up depositing coins into the piggy bank of the Universe by putting out valuable content that delivers so much to your people before they pay you a cent and then detaching from when the payout comes. Energetically staying open and available. So there’s always more than meets the eye, right? 

It’s never one thing. It’s never x strategy, pick a freaking platform, get super clear on your content and how you speak to your people. Deliver, deliver, deliver, and let go. Let them come in. I promise you they will. It’s all coming for you. There are so many more eyes on you than you even know. Every time I have a fall from the sky client –and I’m doing that in air quotes –I’m always like, Oh, of course. And they’re like, oh, I’ve been bingeing your podcast for the last six months. I didn’t even know your name a little while ago. But let’s go. It is possible. They are out there. They are watching, they’re listening. It will happen for you to serve generously. Love your people well. Deliver and they’ll come. Be open, be available and watch all the magic happen. 

I love you guys. I’m sending you guys so much love. stay open, stay available for those dream clients to come in. And watch as it gets easier and easier and easier. I love you all and I’ll talk to you soon. Bye, guys.

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