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Episode 126. The Taboo Of Talking About Money Online

Episode 126. The Taboo Of Talking About Money Online

Today we are going to be talking about the taboo of talking about money online. Buckle up because this is going to be a juicy juicy discussion. If you are somebody who has felt cringy, who has felt uncomfortable, who has felt uncertain about whether it’s allowed, whether it’s too much, whether it’s over the freaking top to post about your financial wins and talk about money and celebrate those six-figure months, multiple six-figure months –you are in the right place. 

We are going to be diving into this in such as juicy way today and I’m so freakin pumped for this conversation that we are going to be having about money, about being big, about talking about money and all the taboos of talking about money online. The taboo of taking up space, the taboo of bragging too hard, being too big, being too much –we are going there.  

We are going to be talking about taking up big space, owning how big we are in all the ways reclaiming the things that we thought we had to, like keeping small, what it actually means to take up more space, unapologetically, with so much power and permission for other women to do the same. 

Celebrating Your Bigness

I just shared on my stories earlier that we are already celebrating. We are calibrating to the vibe of multi six-figure months over here already. Celebrating $160,000. Last month, we had a $200,000 cash month, like 201,000. This month we’re already on September 17, celebrating $160,000 sales. I just want to say that it was three months ago that I had very mixed feelings about talking about money online. I was afraid of judgment, I was afraid of being that person. 

It’s so interesting the ways in which we have absorbed as women, the patriarchy. I’m reading a really amazing book, which was recommended by one of my amazing mentors Kate Northrup called Patriarchy Stress Disorder, I’ve given this book to some of my clients. Really super powerful downloads, but one of the things that I have noticed is the way that even as you guys have been journeying with me, following me hanging out your client, that I am all about, and one of my core central brand values is bold, and unapologetic expression. Yet, I still meet my own edge in being big. 

I have a very powerful personality. I am a freaking masterful coach. I make a lot of money. I have a lot of energy and a very potent presence in way of speaking. I am a powerful fucking woman. That is a lot for those of us who haven’t embraced this. 

So many of you are so powerful in your own way. It doesn’t mean you have to be loud, or you have to be this you have to be that. There’s so much power in each and every one of us owning our own bigness in whatever unique, energetic signature whatever way that that looks. 

Why We’re Taught To Downplay Our Wins

For so many of us, we have been taught to downplay our wins. We have been taught to be exceptional, but not to make other people feel bad. I want to just talk for a freaking minute. I got this inspiration literally after sharing that slide of celebrating $160,000 in sales on the 17th of freaking September, and celebrating so many other things. My clients are absolutely crushing it. So many beautiful things on the homefront. 

I had this feeling, and I am integrating into my being, this whole new level of comfort with things being really fucking good. For those of us who have been taught, whether that is explicitly taught, or we have just inherited and absorbed culturally, this idea that it is not safe to celebrate loudly, it is not safe to own how good it really is. Because we are going to be judged by others because our celebration, our bigness, our bragging, and our beauty. Somehow that makes less room for other people to be celebrated. 

Do you know what I’m talking about? Have you felt this? Let me know if this has been something that you have struggled with or that you recognize as an intrinsic inherited patriarchally absorbed pattern that you’ve adopted. 

I want to talk about this because there is a lie that we need to become aware of, if we are to shift a pattern we need to become first aware of what that pattern is. The lie inside of this really subtle belief that lives inside of us is the belief that says it’s not safe to celebrate loudly, it’s not safe to talk about money –especially if you’re making lots of it. It’s not safe to publicly be thriving in your personal life in your business life in your financial life. You doing that is just too much. It’s just too bright. It’s over the top. It’s unnecessary. 

What We’re Actually Afraid Of & Why We Don’t Go Big

What are we actually afraid of guys? Let’s just talk about this for a minute. What is the fear? The fear that we have absorbed and inherited and brought into ourselves. The fear that has been passed down for generations of women. What are we actually afraid of? The lie inside of that fear says me being big, me being bold me celebrating loudly me bragging, me being in my power somehow gives other women less room to be in their power. That is a lie. 

We have been bought, sold, and told a lie that makes us feel like the culturally and socially appropriate way to show up in the world, to show up in our businesses. This is why for so many of my clients who have online businesses, there is a massive unlearning that needs to happen before we can really step in to that potent powerful magnetic space. 

We hear the term magnetic marketing or magnetic branding. Do you want to know what makes a person magnetic? Here it is, your million-dollar free advice of the day. What makes a brand magnetic is a woman owning her power, not looking for permission for somebody else to share her power, not half-editing her power, but then questioning it and sucking it all back in like a genie going back into a bottle. A woman who unapologetically gracefully masterfully, exquisitely confidently knows that she is powerful, and gives herself permission to show up in that power.

There’s your million-dollar advice for the day. And yet, even knowing this, we are also given this story of, Don’t be that bright. I don’t know about you. But I have been given that story for a long time. I have had that told to me in so many different ways for years, decades now even, when you’re good at multiple things, or you have multiple good things going for you. 

I just want to name it. That there is a lie. The lie says me thriving, me being financially abundant, me excelling means there’s less room for other women to do the same. Have you felt this fear? Have you been told or sold this lie that you thriving and all of your bigness and all of your beauty and all of your bold power, that that somehow elbows out other women. That that somehow makes it impossible for other women to thrive. 

How To Reframe The Narrative & Create More Room For Women To Rise

What I want to offer to you today is a different question, is a reframe, is the possibility that maybe, just maybe, you empowering yourself, you giving yourself the permission to show up in your bigness to show up in your fullness without dumbing it down actually is creating so much more room, not less room for other women to rise. 

But that is actually the evidence that so many other women are looking for. They are also in this prison of patriarchal narrative that says, If you shine and draw attention to yourself, you are just an attention whore. Or you are a this or that. It’s so interesting. 

I shared this in my story recently. I had all of those. My own inner critic was literally saying those things to myself yesterday about posting pictures of myself in a bra. Holding a stack of money. Are you serious? My inner critic was like you skanky. 

Whoa, okay. Who do you think you are? Being that big, being that gorgeous, being this ric, being this powerful? Who do you think you are talking about this finger-wagging, arms crossed? It’s so interesting to observe. I’m just being totally honest and transparent with you guys because this also lives in me. 

How To Start Amplifying Your Frequency

But what I have come to realize and I have come to realize, and what I’ve come to recognize is that that voice is not me. It’s not actually mine. But I have it. I have to learn how to relate to it. I have learned how to relate to that in a skillful way, to separate out the narrative and the bubbling up of that voice and my sense of identity and self and truth. I know that that’s not me, but it’s there. 

I named this because it’s so important that we are able to just notice the ways in which we edit ourselves. We contain what actually wants to be expressed the way that we downplay what actually wants to be celebrated. The way that we skip over. 

This is why with clients one of the major things that we do every single week is say what we’re celebrating. We say what we are really seeing ourselves as. We say what we are super proud of ourselves for celebration. The act of actively looking for what is going well and speaking that out loud to another person or inside of community of celebration is an amplifier. Bragging is an amplifier, taking up space is an amplifier. We literally calibrate to the frequency of taking up more space, becoming bigger, feeling at home and comfortable in a bigger and bigger identity. 

If we are in the practice and habit of editing ourselves down, if we are in the practice and habit of downplaying our accomplishments, guess what? We are not seeing ourselves and we are therefore not allowing ourselves to be seen.

Why Celebration Is Good For Business

There’s so many layers to this from a pure marketing perspective. If you are not making it clear what you are celebrating both in your own life and in your client’s lives, how the hell is your audience going to know to trust you? How the hell is your audience going to know what you can support them with? How the hell is your audience going to know what kind of results that you support people to achieve? It’s just Marketing 101. There’s another million-dollar nugget for you. 

So celebration is good for your business, it’s good for momentum. But deeper than that, celebration is good for your business because it is a byproduct of how good it is for your soul of how good it is for the way that you feel. Because the way that you feel impacts the results that you create more than anything else. 

I want you to ask yourself this, where have you been downplaying your own power? Where have you been minimizing your magic? Where have you been contorting your magnificence? Where have you been pretending that you’re not as freaking badass as you actually are? Where have you been downplaying what a freaking badass you are? And why? Who are you trying to hide from the lie? 

Remember, my loves, the lie is that me, playing smaller, is more loving to other women. That is a lie. The bigger that I allow myself to be, not from some artificial amplifying myself up, but from simply inhabiting the truth of who I am. The more that I allow everything that’s going well the insanely beautiful huge money that I’m making the impact that I’m creating what I’m celebrating in my own personal life, the more that I allow my expression to be rich and full and the truthful whole picture baby of who I am and what I’m creating, the more space I create for other women. The more room I give other women and the more permission I give them to celebrate themselves in all of their fullness. 

An Invitation To Celebrate You

So let this be your invitation. If you’ve been like toning it down or questioning if you can really celebrate that loudly if you can really play that big and full out, if you can really be this hot, if you can really be this happy, if you can really be this wealthy –I want you to do me a favor. I want you today to post on your Instagram story: one thing that you’re celebrating. Consider this your big challenge. 

You can hashtag bigger. Tag me in it. I want to see you taking up some space. I want to see you owning to your community. But first and foremost to tell yourself how powerful you are. Because that woman, she’s the millionaire, the multi-millionaire version of you. That woman, she is the one that creates everything she wants. That woman, she is the benevolent leader who knows that she is literally redefining what safety feels like for other women because she is finding peace and finding home in occupying the fullness of who she is. 

When we are around other women who are at home in their own power and return us to a sense of permission to be in the fullness of our own power. We are limitless Nothing can stop us that is what the world needs more of. 

So I want you to celebrate something out loud that you otherwise thought you had to keep secret. Maybe that is loving on your freakin beautiful body. Maybe that is celebrating the money that you are have called in or are already calling in or have already made this month or whatever. Maybe that is celebrating your clients, maybe that is celebrating your marriage or your family or something that’s working well. See what’s working. 

We are obsessed –in the personal development industry– with and just as people, in general, looking at our flaws. I mean, how many times do we do this? We see a photo of ourselves and someone’s like, you look so beautiful. And you’re like, Oh my God, my hair looks weird. Or did you see that weird part of my eyebrow? Everyone else is like, Um, no, you look super hot. 

We’re designed to find the thing that’s wrong, to nitpick the thing that’s not working. This can be unlearned. It’s our job to literally unlearn it. I want you to practice, do it in a micro-step today. Be big and bold, and clear and unapologetic in sharing openly something that is working, what you’ve got going on, that is really freakin working sister. Do it, you’re gonna feel better, you’re going to give your audience so much more meat and juice to connect with.

The Truth About Taking Up Space & Talking About Money

You’re going to give more than anything else, other women permission to take up space to celebrate their own bigness to celebrate their own wins. The lie is that me celebrating big fears and full out makes there less room for other women. That is the lie. The truth is, the more space you take up, the more big you let yourself get the more bold and beautiful and rich and full you are in your celebration. The more room there is because you created it. The more safety there is because you went first, the more room there is for other women to do the same. 

We talked about acclimating to finding comfort in taking up more space, finding the bigness, the fullness of who we are celebrating out loud. Talking about money without apology. Reclaiming these things that we thought we had to keep small and letting them be expressed and lived through us. You being big, creates more space for other women to do the same. It does not detract from other women being able to occupy their own power, it gives their power back to them.

Don’t believe the lie that says there’s only so much beauty, wealth, power, joy, happiness, sexiness to go around. Bullshit. Learn to see other women and then your own self. The more expressed I am, the more celebratory I am, the more accepting and loving of my own beauty, power, wealth, happiness, whatever I am, the more permission I give other women to operate that way. 

This is a new kind of way of being in the world that we get to initiate for women when we go first, when we do the work ourselves. I can’t wait to see your shares. My challenge for all of you who are listening to this right now is to celebrate actively go on to your stories. You can use the hashtag bigger tag me if you want to you can do a hidden tag or just make it seen. I would love to celebrate with you. 

I want to see you celebrating whether that’s celebrating money, celebrating joy, celebrating something that is going well in your business in your life. Take up some space sister. Celebrate it loud and proud. I can’t wait to see what you post and I just I’m so grateful to be walking this journey with so many of you. 

I love you guys so much. I hope you have a beautiful, beautiful rest of your day. And if you haven’t already, go to the link in my bio to download the Bigger Album. It’s completely free and you can save it in your Google Drive Dropbox, whatever, as a regular tool to return to in your mindset practice again and again. I love you guys so much. Have a beautiful rest of your day. 


I want to share with you a couple of things about how we can work together at the moment. Because I’m getting this question a lot. I would just love to work with whoever wants to work with me. I’m all here for it. But there are some things that I want to say about this. 

The Rise Mastermind

So if you are a business owner who is already established in your business, you’re making money and you’re ready to scale up to the multiple six-figure levels, whether that be a 200k a year all the way up to half a million-plus, the Rise Mastermind is the best fit for you. You can send me a DM about waitlist is closed at the moment, we’re going to be opening the doors at the end of next month, which I am so freaking excited about. If you have questions about it or want to know more, please send me a DM and I can send you some info on that. So you know when the doors are gonna be reopening. 

Seven Sisters Inner Circle

If you are a multiple six-figure entrepreneur already, you’re already generating multiple six figures cash every single year, you’re scaling up or you’re already at the seven-figure level and you’re scaling up to seven or multiple seven figures –I have one space that is open right now for the Seven Sisters Inner Circle. 

Seven Sisters combines one on one coaching with me, a super high touch electric voxer channel with other high multiple six and seven-figure business owners calibrating to that next level of ease flow bigness success. 

The Bigger Album

Download the bigger album, which is my newest free resource for all of you if you have been wondering what it feels like to be coached by me to be in the space of radical empowerment permission reminder dropping you back into the fiery molten core of your power. Go download the bigger album, tell me what you think I am so excited to have released this into the world as an offering, as a free resource and gift. I’m just so excited for it to impact 10s of 1000s of women all over the world because we all need that reminder that it is safe to be big. 

I created the bigger albums so that you have a resource in your ears that you can put on whenever, wherever you are. We need reminders, we need energetic downloads about who in our identity reflected back to us tools, the bigger album tools like these, these resources that I provide. So happily for you guys for free. They’re there and they’re available. 

But if you want to actually integrate this and alchemize it into your fifth sense or way of being, you need to get in a room, you need to be surrounded by other women, mentors and sisters who reflect that power back to you over and over and over again. 

That is what these masterminds are designed to do. It is such a freaking vibe when we are surrounded by other women who feel safe, who celebrate our bigness in the fullness of our expression, who remind us that it is safe for us to be the fullness of who we are our badass like unstoppable selves are human messy selves. Guess what? All of that is part of being bigger, not just like our Wonder Woman lightning rod shooting out of our arms like superstar versions, our mess, all of that. That is the bigness. It’s all allowed. 

So if you are a woman who is in the process of rising of expanding your business, expanding your capacity for impact expanding your capacity to receive wealth, expanding your comfort level with your own leadership and power, send me a DM. I would love to know more about your business and let you know which mastermind container I think is going to be the best fit for you. 

Again, if you are established, you already set up in your business, you’re making money, you’ve got clients, Rise is going to be the perfect fit for you. If you are already seeing things happen, sister, you’re already at that multiple six-figure level and are ready to scale up to seven figures plus Seven Sisters, The Inner Circle is going to be your space. We have one spot left for Seven Sisters and I am so freaking excited to meet you. I know that this woman is just going to be so freakin powerful and come into this beautiful constellation of high multi six and seven-figure business owners and be such a beautiful, beautiful addition to this community. So send me a message I would love to know which one feels like a great fit for you. I love you all.

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