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Episode 32: My Current Top 4 CEO Self Care Hacks

Episode 32: My Current Top 4 CEO Self Care Hacks

This week I am diving into my top four self-care tips for busy CEO when you are a giver and a do-er! This episode is AMAZING for you if you need a little more self-care in your busy life as an entrepreneur. Simple steps to refill your cup and take care of your CEO body.

Here’s a closer look at what we talked about:

The first hack is to move your body [03:28]

The second hack is to get on the CBD train [7:46]

The third hack is to make time to play [10:40]

The fourth hack is to have an evening ritual [15:03]

Handling rejection [13.33]

Why persistence is the secret to success [15.39]

Get scrappy with your pitch [17.32]

Hiring a coach to blow it out of the water [20.56]

Links we mentioned:

My Playlist

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Sabaidee.  15% Discount Code: CAITVIBES

My Morning Routine

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