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Episode 1: Turn Your Mess Into Your Message with Amber Valdez

Episode 1: Turn Your Mess Into Your Message with Amber Valdez

Welcome to Episode #1 of the Born to Rise podcast!

This week’s episode is Amber Valdez.

Amber Valdez is an LA-based TV personality, Life-Purpose Cheerleader, and the author of Stickie Affirmations to Live Your Purpose.

On top of that, she’s a LITERAL cheerleader – she used to cheer in the NFL (how cool is that?!)

Growing up, Amber led quite the life. She grew up on welfare with zero encouragement at all – but there was one thing about her that made her stand out: she loved seeing people thrive and shine!

“I love to see people shine!”

Because Amber didn’t have the support system she needed when she was growing up, she is determined to become THAT support system for others. Amber is indeed the cheerleader for Life-Purpose Cheerleader!

“How can I stand for these women when I, myself, am not owning my self-worth?”

In this episode, Amber and I talk about:

  • What it actually means to find and live your life purpose.
  • How to find self-love and self-worth (and make changes when your environment doesn’t support these).
  • Amber shares the challenges she faced when she started her coaching career, and she didn’t really feel like she was “in it” and the feelings of guilt that brought up.
  • Amber also shares the importance of overcoming other people’s opinions in finally breaking through to your life-purpose.

Amber emphasizes being true to ourselves and always being there to support others, because that’s how we all thrive and shine.

To learn more about Amber Valdez, check out her details here!





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