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Episode 9: Why Embracing Your Multi-Passionate Self is Smart Business

Episode 9: Why Embracing Your Multi-Passionate Self is Smart Business

In BTR Episode 9, I have a beautiful and inspiring conversation with Amber Lee-Sears, a quantum transformation and business coach and the Founder of Epic Self. Amber talks about her journey on starting her business and successfully growing it; navigating through the challenges and struggles; and how she evolved and grew with focused energy, self-care and confidence that she could do.

Epic Self is a holistic and lifestyle coaching business founded over a decade ago. The business merges Amber’s diversified interests and passions with mind, body, fitness, nutrition, lifestyle and consciousness to help individuals experience their fullest potential and lead epic lives.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Ambers journey from starting Epic Self as a blog to building it as a very successful location-independent business.
  • The story of how she brought her interests and passions together to ultimately give back and do what she loves.
  • She tells us how not doubting her tools and how being a visionary and creative has helped her evolve and grow.
  • The struggles and challenges she went through.
  • How she focused her energy on what mattered (and how it helped her business grow).
  • I share a powerful takeaway I got from Amber’s experience.
  • Amber’s inspiring story about how she started working with plant medicine, specifically Ayahuasca, and how she weaves it into the retreats she runs.
  • Techniques on how Amber navigates between deep states of transformation with Ayahuasca and being really present on the ground and growing her business.
  • The importance of self-care and how it has helped her.
  • How she handles and navigates being in a beautiful and supportive marriage with JP Sears, a YouTube celebrity, while being a businesswoman in her own right. She also shares the lessons she’s learned along the way.
  • Beautiful words of wisdom from Amber for listeners who are in the process of building epic lives and businesses.

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