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Episode 74: Why Mixing Pleasure and Business is a Recipe for Success

Episode 74: Why Mixing Pleasure and Business is a Recipe for Success

Ever wondered why we are told not to mix business with pleasure, or worse, why this has been accepted as a social norm? In this episode, we are doing the exact opposite and putting pleasure back into business! Julia Wells shares what it means to use pleasure as a guide in business. Julia’s unique “pleasure-policy” based methodology teaches clients how to use pleasure to increase their capacity for profit while running a smart and sustainable business that turns them on. 

As coach, pleasure Queen and podcast host who is healthily obsessed with changing the entire way we do business, Julia’s mission is to break us free of the ways of doing business that were designed for men by men. Julia swears a lot, wears way too much leopard print and is known for keeping it real AF across the interwebs. If you are into mixing things up, changing the rules and making business feel good and giving yourself so much permission to do so you are going to absolutely love this episode!

Here’s a closer look at what we talked about:

What it means to be a “pleasure-based” business coach [03:06]

How to make launching less stressful [14:39]

Using pleasure as a guiding compass when things haven’t gone as planned [24:39]

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Welcome to the Born to Rise podcast, the show that celebrates the limitless power of women who say yes to their gifts and use them to build extraordinary lives and businesses. Each month I’ll be interviewing world class women thought leaders, entrepreneurs and visionaries to uncover their expert tools, tips and wisdom on what it takes to claim your vision. boldly go after it and elevate into your highest potential. I’m your host Cait Scudder, reminding you gorgeous that you were born to rise.

Cait Scudder 00:39 Hello, and welcome to episode number 74 of the Born to Rise podcast today, my guest is Julia wells coach, pleasure Queen and podcast host who is healthily obsessed with changing the entire way we do business. Her mission is to break us free of the ways of doing business that were designed for men by men. She has a huge Unique policy based Yep, you heard that right Posey based methodology where she teaches clients how to use pleasure to increase their capacity for profit while running a smart and sustainable business that turns them on. After four years in the coaching industry making pennies trying to follow these bro based business techniques she turned to pleasure incense has done $500,000 in cash monies using the system she teaches in her signature programs and her private coaching. She swears a lot wears way too much leopard print and is known for keeping it real AF across the interwebs if you guys are into mixing things up, changing the rules and making business feel good and giving yourself so much permission to do so you are going to absolutely love my conversation with Julia. As a reminder when you’re finished listening to this episode, pop on over to iTunes to leave us a review. Remember guys this takes like 10 seconds of your time you can do it super fast in every single review that you leave enters you too. win a free 30 minute one on one coaching session with me. So head on over to iTunes search born to rise podcast scroll to the bottom click write a review and leave us a written review. It makes such a big difference and I so appreciate every single review that you guys leave. Without further ado, here is my epic conversation with Julia wells. Hello, and welcome to today’s episode of The born to rise podcast. Guys. I am so excited about today’s guest Miss Julia wells. Julia, thank you so much for being here. Hi. I’m so excited. Thank you for having me. Oh my gosh, of course. It’s so good. Well, we’ve been connected now online for such a long time. I can’t believe we haven’t done this sooner, honestly. And I’m so freakin stoked to have you here because you are such a trailblazer in this online space. And really, I feel like offering such a unique perspective about what building a business gets to be like lead from policy lead from pleasure. Talk to us about what it even means to be a policy basis. Coach

Julia Wells 03:00 Ray happy to so yeah, for me pussy based business is really encompassing all the things. So it’s letting you be your full like literally at your fullest expression, whether that’s like your spiritual self, your intuition, your pleasure as a woman, like you’re naturally built to receive and to do it from that like leaned back place. And it’s also your source of power. It’s regenerative. It’s how you make babies in the world. So like, why would you not want to channel all of that power and creativity into your business? And it kind of started because, I mean, I was doing the typical business coaching and I was like, there’s something around like, I just had this download one day like it’s something around sexuality and they have to bring this in and got trained and I was like, holy shit. When we’re in our bodies. We’re not in our heads, we stop overanalyzing, overthinking things. We can just like make decisions based on what feels right and it doesn’t mean that always actually feels good. Sometimes we do really hard scary Cait Scudder 04:02 But it’s just knowing that you have the power source and the strength to do that weaving that into the way you do business. I love that so much. And I think I love what you say as well about just like operating your business from this place that inherently as women, like this is what our bodies are biologically programmed to do. So why would we approach business in such a different way. And I think that perspective is so healthy and so helpful, especially because, you know, the online business space can be so fraught with, like, got to do all the things got to take all the boxes, gotta launch in this order, gotta, you know, start my brand in this way and mark it in this way. And I just think this is such a profound invitation to consider another way that actually feels a lot better and gets really good results. So I would love for you to just kind of take us back to how this started for you. I mean, I know that you mentioned you were doing business in the kind of traditional way, if you will, and you know, you just realized that something was off and something was missing. What was that? What was that transition? Like? Was there a particular moment that you were like things have got to be easier or I would love to just hear that?

Unknown Speaker 05:07 Yeah, totally so similar to I just call it broke marketing of like, the bro business ways of like pushing and hustling and prove your worth and do all the things and do it this particular way. And I’ve been running my business that way and it just like it didn’t work. And it didn’t click simply because I’m not I don’t operate in most of my spaces. And so I was just like constantly running up against a wall and I couldn’t figure out how to gain traction in my business. I felt like I had to be something that I wasn’t and so I again download around spear the sexuality piece was like a huge starting part and a lot of people don’t know this but my grandmother was kind of a we, we call it different things in the family, but she was definitely like a sexual healer of her time. Wow. So I like to think that after she passed away, she was kind of like, and here you go. Somebody else’s doing this work because as soon as I called my dad and was like I’m signing up to be a sex coach because like somehow this is this has to be part of my work he was like fuck I knew one of our kids would like to begin to you know like in that part I feel like it’s like yeah there’s something really special there that I didn’t even understand necessarily like why this was coming through it in retrospect Of course it like all makes sense and all the pieces add up of like who Julia has always been but yeah and then in my business I was just frustrated and I didn’t even know what to do and I was like fuck it let’s just go all out on like the pussy base but doing it with pleasure doing it full on Julia style and like deciding that that works and like all figure it out until it works and had the greatest business coach you may know her Yeah, and really just encouraged me and helped me build that foundation but I was like, had wildly inconsistent results in my business I you know, like head maybe hit a ton came on here or there and then would bottom out and I really doubted myself. I just I didn’t think that you actually could do business this way. And I was so indoctrinated into the like, but you have to be so type A and like everything has to be perfect and cross your T’s and dot your i’s and look this way and whatever. I played that game hard, and when I kind of digital and decided that that was fine, my business blew up. And I think since like, July last June last year, we’ve done like 700 and something thousand in cash compared to like, probably like 30,000 ever total

Cait Scudder 07:33 is so amazing. The person the pleasure thing is working. That is so awesome. Julie, I love that so much. And I think it’s I mean, you said something in there that I think is so important and it’s less about so i think that you know, I can imagine for some of our listeners, they might be listening resonating so hard of like, Oh my God doing all of the things and the way that I’m supposed to do it, dotting my eyes crossing my T’s bro marketing what Like but feeling super unaligned and sounds like you really gave yourself permission first and foremost to let your way be the way so it’s not like I mean, I think there are a lot of people who will find that your method is like amazing for them and really clicks but what I’m really hearing from you is like, it’s not about your method or the bro method. It’s about following what feels good to you and trusting yourself enough to really go for that and it sounds like that piece of self trust for you was actually like at the core of all of this does that feel true? 100% like I had just eroded all the self trust after having tried to like be something I’ve not run my business in a way that I didn’t like, and so funny like Lacey. My coach literally was like, Alright, we have to rebuild yourself trust. all you’re gonna do is go to a coffee shop for two hours every day and just like work or pretend to work. I don’t care what you do. Like you just have to pick something and do what you say you’re gonna do cuz like, y’all, this is how bad I was running my business just like two years. ago at this point, I was like, overwhelmed by doing nothing right of like, I’m supposed to be doing everything. So really, I’m going to do nothing and I’m going to hide in bed and like watch Netflix and feel terrible about myself. And so it was like rebuilding that self trust. And then by doing that, I was able to keep building on top of it of like, okay, and this methodology and myself and the way that I do things is so right. And you’re 100% accurate that it’s like everyone gets to have a slightly different way of doing it. You just have to like, stop making yourself wrong for it. It’s so true. And I love that reminder to not make ourselves wrong because I think that that is honestly one of the most crippling blocks that starts is a mindset block, but then it becomes an avoidance pattern and we just we just miss out on all of the magic that’s there. I’m so curious and I’d love if you would give us a little insight for anybody who is like okay, this is really like turning me on and making me feel like something is so possible for me even though I haven’t really given myself permission to go there yet. How do you start To work with someone like I’m curious in your practice or in the students and the clients that you serve for women who are coming in kind of like clinging to this old way that isn’t quite working and they know they’re ready to let it go, how do you start to encourage them to rewire themselves for pleasure and let that come through in their business?

Unknown Speaker 10:20 Yeah, as much as I’d like to like burn it all down. I don’t want to blow out anyone’s nervous system. And so it’s really about for me like, okay, let’s start one place that’s like pick a really simple strategy. What do you need to focus on in your business because I have people that come like, brand new building their business or someone that’s like trying to scale maybe they’ve already hit huge funds, but they’re like, I’m so burned out and miserable. So we’ll start to look at like how we can literally pull things away so that there even is room for pleasure, because I think that’s super important. Sometimes it’s like, especially as women it’s like pleasure and taking care of ourselves is the last thing that is intuitive to do actually kind of more like conditioned to do so pulling stuff away, seeing where we can add in pleasure. And then I’m a huge fan of, I call it pleasure hacking. So I like to make pleasure as simple as possible. So for me, pleasure is just an activation of any of the five senses. And you can do this for free anywhere, anyplace any amount of time. So we just start to look at like, how can you be more mindful of your pleasure? How can you just start to like, Okay, how do I do tasks in my business? Like, am I getting into it already from a place of like, pure anxiety and fear and panic? And like, could we just bring in pleasure? So could we activate the sentence? Could you light a candle while you do shit? Could you go into a more beautiful setting? Could you take a few deep breaths, like, could you just throw on a song and dance and it sounds so stupid, but our bodies are way wiser than we even realize. And when you start to do that, it actually regulates your nervous system, because again, you’re like, in your body. And so then you’re like, Oh, I trust pleasure. I trust that it’s not frivolous. I trust that it’s actually helping me run my business even better. And so when you’re focused on like, doing things simply doing less you Adding in that pleasure and like getting your body on board with what you’re doing. And then of course, like all the minds that work to, um, I just find like it, it starts like, seemingly slow. And then there’s this moment in everyone’s business where there’s like a snowball effect, and they’re like, Oh, wait, this actually is really easy, like, what do I do in my free time now or

Unknown Speaker 12:22 what I was doing before, but yeah, Is that helpful? That’s so

Cait Scudder 12:26 good. I love that so much. And I love that you say like, sounds so simple, or it sounds so, so basic, but actually, those are the things that bring us back into the moment and I think it’s so much I know that you and I both did an interview for Lacey’s thing on like, what mindset work actually is about and, and it’s just this what you’re saying is just reminding me of that because the physical tactile, I love that like light a candle or take a few deep breaths, do something to get your body on board with your brain, it feels so integrating, and so on. Imagine that for so many people who do that practice it’s like the first time they actually feel like they arrive in themselves without just having some other task list like run their actions. And that process I think is so so powerful. So that’s amazing. I think so, so helpful. And I’m curious for you like as you started to do this and as you started to get that snowball effect and that momentum going how that changed the way that you wrote content and showed up to sell and started launching I mean, you just had like a super successful like six figure month and six figure plus launch right with peaceful your program. Congratulations. It’s so awesome. And you did that 100% following your method, talk to us about what launching and selling is like from a place of running your business from pleasure. So Unknown Speaker 13:48 Oh my God, that’s like my favorite topic ever. So. So again, I had like learned that launching was like supposed to feel really stressful and there was all of these things, too. Do and move in pieces. And I would say like my The first time I felt my one on one, it was kind of like, following a loose launch process. And then I really just did it with my mastermind. And I actually saw I was in the middle of that launch, and I was going to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. I was doing like the Nomad thing last year, and like we had some sales calls coming in and things were being promoted and whatever was happening, and I thought that my social media manager was like taking over while I was going off the grid, but turns out she was also on vacation. So like, I literally went radio silent. And I came back and like started to panic. And then I was like, wait, everything’s okay here. How do we like get back into pleasure? How do we trust that this is going to happen and I think that was like it almost forced me to lean even harder into the methodology of like trusting and pleasure and and just letting things happen as easily as they could like I literally without controlling the situation. And it all works. out. And I think that gave me the confidence to be like, Oh wait, there is like a method to this madness. Like, there is something to the pleasure. And my old story would have been like, you’re so irresponsible and you can’t show up for anything. And like, everyone’s gonna know you’re a flake. And I was like, Wait a second. I just did like the hardest thing I’ve ever did. Like, my mindset got me up a fucking mountain. Like, right, let me put that into a launch. And let me just like, show up in pleasure and see what happens. And of course, like, sold it out no sales page. No, like, there was really no actual plan happening. And so I developed this launch system of like, how do we at the foundation of it like of course, there’s some strategy but it’s really just like, be obnoxious and talk about your thing non stop, tell people what they need to hear. And then like, believe that that’s enough and know that’s gonna work and then add in that pleasure piece of like, how can I have so much fun because I think most people lead the opposite way during launch. They’re like, this is when I get serious and I’m gonna like button up my little business suit. metaphorically speaking, and I get down to business. And I’ve learned that I almost manufacture that same situation every time I launch. Because I’m like, I know my tendency is probably going to lean towards overly controlling this or getting super serious and making it a big deal. So I think I’ve had a vacation in the middle of all of my launch. But it’s so good. It literally forces you into surrender, which is that state of like receiving of leaning back, and it makes you so magnetic. And it sounds so silly that that could be a business strategy. But again, as women I just find like this is how your body is designed is literally a hole for receiving in the most crude way. But it is what we are designed to do. So it’s like, how do you manufacture that and then when you’re like doing these things, you’re naturally in that state too, right? Like I’m receiving all of these things. When I’m on vacation, I’m being taken care of. I’m seeing new things like I’m just receiving that like stimulation of my environment. So you don’t have to like go on vacation. To launch this, to

Cait Scudder 17:03 manufacture and choose bludger, when it seems like you should go the other way. And then of course, like Peridot would like, show up and do the thing and talk about the stuff but it’s never as hard as anyone makes it out to be unless you choose that you want to have that experience of launching. I think that’s so powerful. I love that and I love that you go on vacation every time you launch. It’s such it’s so true. It’s like a built in reminder not to get too heady and stressful. And I totally hear you I see that a lot as well of you know, okay, this is the time I really have to get like businessy and you’re right that that that energy isn’t what we’re drawn to like if we look at ourselves, observing our own behavior and being drawn to certain content or being drawn to certain brands. It’s not the brands that make us feel like like this is a really serious thing. It’s a brand. It’s a brand that makes you feel like invited and welcomed in that there’s an ease and a comfort inside that person in themselves. That makes it so easy to say yes to. So I love that that is part of a method that you teach and that you share. Is this hard for your clients? Are they like Julia? Can I really do like I can imagine there would be so much resistance? Because trusting I mean, it’s back to that self trust thing again, isn’t it like trusting that must feel like the scariest thing for all of the control freaks in the house who and I say that? I’m probably more that way than not, but just like letting go and falling into that. Well, how do you? How do you work with that? I mean, and this is this kind of goes into another thing of like, coaching your clients through that, I imagine that you trigger the fuck out of a lot of your clients.

Unknown Speaker 18:43 I definitely do very often. They’re like, I hate you so much right now and then they make their sale and then they’re okay, and we’re back on board. But like, even recently, too, I’ve kind of I’ve gotten over the thing of like, that is bad to trigger somebody. And I’m just like, whatever. Like it’s fine if I trigger you. It’s just calling you To like rise into something else. And so now my clients are finally confessing, they’re like, I hated you so much at the beginning or like I want, I just want to, like push back so hard when you tell me to do these things. But again, it’s like, they’re always so grateful on the other side, because they can literally feel that experience of self trust. And they have evidence under their belts of like, Oh, this really does work. And the people that I see that have the best results are the ones that are willing to take those risks because they know that there’s a reward on the other side, we can talk through it we can see like, Okay, well, great, like how has it really worked for you to like over control every detail of your life and talking through like, it’s totally a trauma response. It’s a false sense of safety and like the logical brain, but then also getting the body on board. And that’s how I also use that pleasure to regulate right like if your body is going into like a panic response. This feels so unsafe for me to choose pleasure or to choose fun in the middle of this, we just have to like get it regulated. So again, it doesn’t happen. To be a big thing, but I’m like, Can you just get into your body? Can you take a couple minutes to get into pleasure from that place? Like how do you actually feel about, like leaning into it even more, and then it’s like your body knows it’s fine. But it’s like at the beginning, it’s really scary to build that self trust, especially because a lot of people come to me in a similar situation, right? They’ve eroded their self trust, they haven’t shown up how they wanted to in business and haven’t seen the results. And I mean, shout out to them because they’re just brave and willing to like, go for some of the crazy shit. I mean, I have a lot of clients and like that, yeah, they’re like taking vacations during their launches, or they’re showing up in napping and resting like I have some clients that have like chronic illness stuff and, and extreme fatigue and either from their business or from other stuff. I’m like, Well, what if you like napped first and then ran your business. And again, that takes an extreme amount of self trust and when we’ve done it and we’ve built up to it gradually and then go even harder in a launch and they see the results like they’re like Obviously bought in but but it’s scary at first because this is not the normal way you would think to do it.

Cait Scudder 21:07 Right and I love that but so it’s really about like rebuilding that self trust from the inside out one step at a time and not needing to just like you know, spend all your money to go on a five star vacation if this is like the first step of actually trusting yourself to feel good during a launch, but just working up to really allowing more pleasure to come into the experience of business. I love that so much and like you’re saying like, I mean, hello $700,000 in a year for you and your clients just experiencing more ease in their lunches. It’s such a powerful, a powerful shift. And I’m curious what you would say like, is this something that you find is a method that really works for people who are more like type B or like need to just lean back or do you have a lot of clients who are like type A, but have just wound themselves so tight that they can’t get out of their own way?

Unknown Speaker 21:54 Totally. A lot of my clients are also typing they’re like, I’m so intrigued by your waves, but I If it’s good enough, and eventually we chip away at them, I prevail pleasure prevails. But yeah, I find that it just again it to me, it really comes back to if you have the lived experience of living in a female body, there’s something about that underneath type a Type B, whatever enneagram type you are, whatever Human Design type you are, like, there’s something innately I don’t even know the right word right now. Like, it just feels familiar. It feels at home to be able to run your business from trust and from pleasure and from leaning back and I have a lot of clients who are still going to be way more like they live for a spreadsheet and they love running things like super organized and all of these detail things whereas like I just like couldn’t care less but it doesn’t matter it still applies to everybody again, it’s just like make themselves right for their way of doing it. Add in more pleasure add in more self trust, simplify the whole thing. Yeah, and I just I find for everyone, like my favorite I wrote a post on it this week, like my favorite thing and some people are like what, like why is this so? Easy and what do I do with my free time? Someone literally asked me to like teach a class on it the other day, I was like, I don’t know what to tell you. Like, I’m, I’m pretty boring in my free time. But like we can get you a hobby, if that’s what you need to do now.

Cait Scudder 23:13 I love that. So what a great problem to have. And I’m like, I never thought this would actually be my problem. I love that so much, Julie, I’m curious for you. I mean, this whole shows whole, you know, podcast is really about rising up. And I think a lot of the times, it’s really easy to kind of talk about the wins that we’ve had or talk about the things that really work, but obviously, as business owners, and I imagine like even from a pleasure base model, like things don’t always go 100% as planned or as we want them to, and I’m curious how you in your sort of approach to business how you have found using pleasure and using that as like a guiding compass to help you bounce back from times that you’ve really struggled or fallen down or when things haven’t gone your way, like I’m curious if there Yeah, if there’s a particular experience that you’ve had and how you rose up from that, or just more in general how how you apply this like pleasure based model to the inevitable times in business where it doesn’t always feel good, and it’s hard.

Unknown Speaker 24:14 Yeah. Welcome to 2020 nothing Yeah, I mean, it’s definitely been quite a year and obviously, like also will name that I’m very privileged and my problems are like a different level of problems. But still, like I pause from like the digital nomad thing in November and I was like, I’m just going to nest for like a couple months and then figure out what I’m going to do and then pandemic straw and plan change. And then literally, like the weekend that I was moving back to Oakland, the entire revolution started and it was just a really heavy time to be running my business and I got I was exhausted. It was really hard. I also think I like ran my business while having Corona in in February or something. I was like, extremely Like between clients which has never happened but yeah, it comes back to those two really big things right so self trust which to me is like kind of the foundation of the mindset piece and like what I always try to get myself my brain back to believing and feeling safe there and then that pleasure thing and having accountability and support and just being like okay, also like I think we all have like one a pleasure baseline and to a pleasure capacity. So I found that everyone’s pleasure baseline quickly dropped when all of these things happen so it’s like the normal things that were like a big deal that would kind of fuel your pleasure tank and feel really good. We’re out the fucking window somewhat by choice but also by like, what we literally had space and like time and energy to do so it was like, Okay, can I feed myself? Can I just like, take care of the basics can I let myself move that pleasure baseline back down a few levels and just take care of myself and like, that’s fine, I can run my business. I can take care of the basics like whatever and then slowly add back to that. And then also like as I done different things sometimes I realize I have to actually like look at the opposite of that of how do I stretch my pleasure capacity. So even right now, I was going into a big launch I’m like, like, everything just feels heavy right now the world is on fire. The last thing I want to do is is and having all the fields and I was like let me just like blow up my pleasure capacity and like checked into a hotel got myself out of my environment and all these things and again, like what a great privilege problems but it was still for me like choosing pleasure whether it was the simplest pleasure or over the top pleasure when my everything in my brain was like survival mode, like go to sleep, check out like disappear, burn the business, like block out the whole entire world. And I’ve just done that over and over. And I think in my brain, it’s it’s almost even hard to find places at this point where it’s like things felt really really bad because I like maintain that place. Our baseline and even if I have to move it around, because I’m like, I always have pleasure to turn to. So I’m a little bit jaded at this point in the best kind of way but knowing that like pleasure is just that accessible to me or to whoever else needs it at any point.

Cait Scudder 27:14 Hmm I love that so much and remembering that pleasure is accessible anytime it sounds like that if that is so front and center and so present for you, you can’t really ever bought them out so hard that you forget that everything’s okay because you’re you’re giving yourself that like self nurturing through whatever hard process it is. So the heart experience goes down.

Unknown Speaker 27:36 And I even like bringing I’ve learned how to I used to be like the person who like can’t feel their fields and I was terrified of emotion and thought like being emotionless was a badge of honor. So I’ve learned how to one field by field but also to like, find the pleasure and all of that too. And so I think there was such a heightened sense of, of emotions and and stronger ones and a lot of us have maybe experienced in different ways with everything going on and also Being able to, like, find pleasure and all of that or bring pleasure into it and, and do practices where it’s like, I’m gonna like fine be like hella fucking emotional, and I’m gonna find pleasure in the release, or I’m gonna bring pleasure into it and all of these different practices that also have like, kept my self regulated and all of that. And I just think it’s cool because it’s like, it’s easy to look at the business, like the way that I run business, especially if I’m like, go on vacation and like buy all these things and like this, this pleasure. But if I just can’t stress enough that it’s like anyone can access pleasure, any fucking time anywhere, and anything can be happening in the world. It just takes a lot of courage to choose pleasure when it doesn’t make sense and it’s like never while we were taught, I love that so much. This is so inspiring Julia and such a, I think a huge permission slip and invitation for anybody who is really struggling with feeling like business is hard and it feels really crunchy that there is another way to do it. I love this so much. Well, one of the questions that I always Ask at the end of all of our interviews is if you had, you know, one piece of advice that you could give our listeners about rising up and running a successful business, what would that be? Oh, okay, I’m gonna give you two things. So one, make yourself write for every single thing. And I make my clients do this, what? It’s not just like, Oh, I’m right for how I want to do business. But like, I’m right for doubting myself. And I’m right for staying in bed all day long today, right for everything I’ve ever done in my business. And it’s almost like becomes a game of like getting off on making yourself right all the time. And then also choose pleasure, like, choose pleasure when it doesn’t make sense to use it when it does, but use that like little 1% thing of like, how can I make this more pleasurable? How can I activate any one of my senses and start doing that in your typical business tasks that you do every single day almost like routinely and see what happens again, it doesn’t have to be a whole big thing. Maybe you just put on something nice. You have music playing while you write content, whatever it is, like bring pleasure into it. And then like Come see me and you let me know.

Cait Scudder 30:02 I love it. So good. So good. Julia, thank you so much. Where where can our listeners stay connected with you follow along and keep getting these like, pleasure wisdom drops. So

Unknown Speaker 30:13 I have a podcast called Wait, what the fuck where I break all of these things down where you’re like, wait, what the fuck, you can do your business This way you can think about it this way, all that good stuff on all the places where podcasts are and then another place that you can find me well, either. If you’re an Instagram junkie, you can find me at Julie motherfucking wells over there or on Facebook. If you love the group thing. It’s visible AF and it is super fun, amazing group. Just a lot of good stuff happening over there. So kind of whatever your platform of choice is at the moment, come find me. I’m

Cait Scudder 30:44 so good. So good. Well, we will put all of those links into the show notes if you’re listening and want to follow along with Julia check that out so you can stay connected with her. Thank you so much for this conversation. Julia. It’s so inspiring. I’m like, Oh, I’m gonna go find a candle and like put it on and put on some music. roundup today, so good. Awesome. Thank you so much love.

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