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Episode 165: Words to Wealth

Episode 165: Words to Wealth

We are here today for a very important purpose all about turning your words into wealth, I cannot think of a more important conversation to be having as online business owners, then how do we communicate? How are we showing up online? How is our expression, our marketing, our storytelling, our visuals, the unique expression that is coming through us? How is that working to move? The mission, the vision, the purpose of the business forward? I think that where I want to start is by talking about, honestly, what not to do. And I think that one of the big things happening in the online space right now and this is true, you know, of every industry at any time. This isn’t just like a right now thing. But I think we are particularly seeing in the online coaching world. In the online coaching business.

Why you shouldn’t get caught up in doing business in one particular way

There is like this very seductive idea that there is one way to do business that there and they’re we’re seeing trends like never before, you know whether it’s trends of brand colors, and how to do this, whether it’s the trend away from like the crazy bro marketing tactics to now the like super gooey, gooey feminine, you know, tactics? And honestly, it is, I think so confusing for a lot of people to feel like, what am I supposed to be doing online? Like, how am I supposed to be showing up? How am I supposed to be telling a story? How am I supposed to be connecting with my people? And what’s the right way to be selling and there’s so much noise. So my intention is that you get the clarity that you need to hush out the noise to press pause on the really insidious feeling that there’s one way to market, there’s one way to do it right. And all you need to do is follow the trend. If you are somebody who’s been in this space, you’ve you know, you follow some business coaches, you like watch trainings, you’re like scribbling notes, you’re like, alright, if I just follow this person’s framework, then I’m going to have the six figure launch. If I just follow this person’s method, then I’m going to explore my audience. If I just follow this tactic, this tool, this lean back, energetic strategy, whatever, then I’ll be able to make it. And I’m here a little bit to bust your bubble and say, No, actually, that is not the thing, following someone else’s marketing framework. The reason that I’m talking about words to wealth today is honestly designed to be disruptive for you to make you realize that there is not we are not in the era. This is not 2017 anymore. This is not the era of bro marketing plug and play tactics, where if you just follow somebody else’s sales script, funnel, webinar template, blah, blah, blah, then you’re going to become a millionaire. The online industry is changing rapidly. The sophistication level of your ideal client, what kind of clients do you support we are now we’re in a place in a space that is so dynamic and moving so much. And what we’ve seen even over the last six to 12 months you guys in the online coaching industry specifically, is an incredible exponential increase in the sophistication of your clients. People do not want to be part of your sales funnel. People don’t want to be marketed to people don’t want to be pitched and to be sold and to be spoken to like they are a statistic for you to brag about. People want to feel connected to people want to feel feel your heartbeat, people want to feel like there is a resonance, a profound deep resonance with you and your being the way that you communicate yourself, the value that you the values rather that you hold the things that matter to you and are priority to you not just in your business and in your company values, but also in your life. And what I think happens for a lot of entrepreneurs is that we get caught up in wanting to do it right, wanting the million dollar codes wanting the bloody bloody blah, then we forget that what our job actually is, is to connect with people.

What happens when you learn how to skillfully tell stories

When you learn how to do this, when you learn how to master your message when you learn how to skillfully tell stories and communicate stories. If you’re on my email list. We had an email go out today about a post that I created back in 2020, I think it was that has since been responsible a single post a single story that I’ve told, responsible for over a quarter of a million dollars one post in one story. Imagine being able to unlock your voice at that level. Imagine being able to pull out the stories that are inside of you knowing which ones are resonant and true for your audience and being able to communicate those in a way that is tangible in a way that is felt in a way that deeply connects in a way that gives people a sense of who you are and what you value. And what you stand for this post, by the way, was not overly salesy. I think I did I was selling a program at the end of it. But the money was not like all from that launch. The money that that post, and my team started to track it because we had so many people saying, Hey, I read that story, or I’ve heard you tell that story. Or I’ve connected with that story. And oh my god, I had something so similar happen, or oh my god, I know exactly what that feels like. Let me tell you my story. When you know how to access, not just the stories that live within you and be brave enough to tell them that that is important. But that’s not the whole thing to know how to tell them to know how, what parts of the story this is one of the things that I’m teaching inside of one of our modules, captions that convert in compel is the art of a braided post, being able to weave in the story and scene of what you’re doing, while also weaving in your thought leadership active today voice while also weaving in a powerful present a call to action. This is a technique that I teach you inside of compel. And it is so powerful it is not just as one post that’s converted at that level for us, we have so many pieces of content that people reference when they reach out to us in the DMS that people reference when they get on a sales call, like I read that I saw that there is a reason why this happens for us over and over again, is because the way that we that I tell my stories, the way that I put my voice into the world, the way that I unleash what it is that I’m here to say and allow that to come through slices through the noise. And it gives people direct access, direct access to who I am, to what I have been through and live through to the lessons that I have taken from that to the wisdom that I now possess, to the skill set that I am carrying, and whatever it is that I’m selling in that moment, that gives people a pathway to say I want to connect with that I want to deepen with her. I want to move with you. I’m ready to take action. There is so much power in your words in the way that you write them in the way that you speak them. I’ve been having this conversation with clients recently of like, oh, the algorithm it’s all about reels now. blahdy blahdy blah and like, you know what? Yeah, reels are thing. It’s completely changing the way that all of us interact on this platform. And connecting is still always going to be the vibe, connecting with people through your words, reels are just using words whether your lip syncing them, whether you are creating an original audio, it’s it’s just another way to utilize your words to connect with people. And I actually think it is so beautiful that we are expanding not only platforms like off of Instagram, tik, Tok, LinkedIn like podcasting. There’s so many available marketing avenues to you to master the craft of using your words to connect with people and turn them into wealth. But if you don’t know how to source the power of your own, most resonant vibrational frequency, if you don’t know how to strategically pull out the brand stories that are going to be the most impactful to your audience. If you don’t know how to position Intel and braid those stories together in a way that doesn’t just feel like a self indulgent like vomity you know, journal share, but actually a valuable, like substantive takeaway for your community. If you don’t know how to do that you’re leaving not only so much money on the table, but so many people unserved. And so I am so passionate about number one, bringing awareness to this and bridging this gap. If if you’re like, I must be missing the strategy or I just don’t know how to use hashtags well enough. Or I’m, you know, I need to run ads blah blah blah. Like, the first thing that I’m always saying to clients is like pump the freakin brakes on the witch hunt for the missing strategy.

What happens when you don’t know how to source the power of your most resonant vibrational frequency

Then the missing marketing tactic you are the magnet, your words and your vibrational frequency are a lighthouse. And you don’t need to be a flashlight. When you are a lighthouse. You don’t need to be a flashlight, searching every corner of the internet from where my next client is going to come from, if you know how to use your words, and let those words do the shining for you. And let those words do the resonant work of building a community of building interest in your offers of growing that momentum. That is what is going to move the needle for you. So if you are somebody who feels like this has been a gap in your business, if you are somebody who has been finding that recent algorithm changes or changes to the online marketing space has caused you to have a dip in your income in the interest in your programs, then I want you to join us for compel, I want you to get in the room. I want you to prioritize the way that you speak, communicate connect with your audience. Even if your audience is literally 200 people, great you have 200 followers, this program will benefit you great you have 50 followers, this program will benefit you. This is not about you need to be x k months in order to benefit from this. This is about multiple seven figure marketing strategy and artistry that is required to build a movement through your presence through the way that you speak into the way that you write. What I really want you to know is that this is not like this is not a personality thing. I think a lot of people think great marketers have incredible charisma, incredible personality I have some of my most successful clients are like incredibly introverted, I’m extroverted. I’m kind of both I dabble. But definitely have the extrovert in me some of my most successful clients are like so introverted. This is not about personality. This is not about oh, I need to like do a song and dance and like talk to every real in order to be magnetic online. No, you don’t. What you need to do is to know how to possess yourself. And truly embody the frequency of mastery in the way that you communicate. When you know how to do that through your voice, your spoken voice and your written voice. And through the visuals that you convey. You become a magnet, like I said, you become a lighthouse, irresistible to take your eyes, their eyes off of you. When you know how to communicate in this way. This is the skill set. You guys this is the most vital skill set that you need to grow a foundation to millions in your business. And I’m telling you this because before I learned how to do this, I really struggled. I really struggled to feel like people knew what I was talking about and could see me as different and wanted to connect with me. And now we have a huge community. We have more than a million dollars booked in for this year already. And it’s April. So I hope today has illuminated any gaps you might have has given you a totally different framework for thinking about storytelling, and pulling out the most important brand messages that you can share and being really tactical and strategic about how you share those in your most unfiltered artistic authentic way. When you learn how to use your words, well, you turn them into wealth. I will talk to you soon. Bye everyone have a beautiful rest of your day.

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