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Episode 17: Can You Really Work With Your Bestie? with Stephanie Dickinson

Episode 17: Can You Really Work With Your Bestie? with Stephanie Dickinson

I am really excited to bring in today’s episode with one of my very best friends, Stephanie Dickinson. Steph is an inspiring feminine leader, a meditation teacher and a mindfulness mentor. She is on a mission to dispel the myth that mindful leadership is dry, stoic, and boring. 

I had the privilege of being Steph’s business coach last year and in this rich interview we are going to share; how this incredible experience transpired, how we navigated through it despite the tough conversations we had, and how it has preserved and even transformed our friendship for the better while making the absolute most of our business relationship. So, if you run or aspire to run your own business and have thought about working with someone you have a personal relationship with, you are in for a serious treat with this episode!

Here’s a closer look at what’s discussed in the episode:

  • The story of how our friendship evolved.
  • How Stephanie realized that she wanted to hire me as her business coach.
  • Our feelings, vibe and energy during the first meeting we had about working together.
  • We share how Steph and I worked so well together while growing and protecting our friendship.
  • Fears that we both had on working together and how it helped us personally.
  • The importance of authentic communication and knowing your worth and value.
  • The agreements and boundaries we set to empower ourselves and our relationships – business-wise and friendship-wise.
  • Navigating through the tough conversations we had that both deepened our friendship and gave us a phenomenal working relationship.
  • Amazing things that Steph is working on at the moment.

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