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Episode 148: Stop Playing the Honda Civic, You’re a Damn Ferrari

Episode 148: Stop Playing the Honda Civic, You’re a Damn Ferrari

We have something so important to talk about today. And this is the sabotage that comes in when we are in the process of an uplevel. One of the like, really sticky pieces that can come in is the fear of our own growth, the fear of really going big, the fear of just how big we actually want to go, the fear of what we know, that we are destined for what we know, actually is possible for us what is available, and like just out of reach. We’re going to be talking today how we keep ourselves in that cycle of how we keep ourselves feeling like we’re constantly like falling short of our goals of our dreams, our desires of the results that we want, how to unhook from that cycle, and really let yourself tap into unlimited capacity to receive to earn to impact all of the things. So I was talking to a client this morning, one of my amazing clients, she’s like a badass freaking boss, multiple, six figure earner, just like slaying it.

What happens when the fear of our own growth gets loud and overwhelming

And we were talking about fearing our own growth. And what happens when the fear of our own growth gets really loud, gets really overwhelming, gets really, you know, causes us to go through the motions and act like we’re playing big, but not actually go all out. Have you been there? Like, have you been in a place where you’re like, Okay, I know what I’m supposed to be doing. I’m launching a program or I’m running this thing. Let me write the post. Let me do the live streams, let me you know, post the things and be visible. But inside internally, there’s the fear of if I really let myself and my energy be present, right now, if I really let my full presence and potency and wisdom and embodiment and like unleashed power, if I let that come through right now, if I let that most other leashed, potent power come through right now, I’m actually afraid of that. On the other side, I’m afraid of the growth that’s waiting for me on the other side. And I think so many of us have been there, I’ve been there. And we were talking about like, what happens when we get into these moments, right? When we feel an uplevel coming, we feel a huge wave of expansion coming.

Why we can’t be in a state of growth and protection at the same time

And it’s a little bit scary, right? It’s kind of like anytime we put ourselves into a situation where anything is possible, we’re getting anything that we want as possible. I mean, I’m just thinking back in like my personal life, moments of feeling like I’ve put, you know, you put that vulnerability on the line and everything is about to open, everything’s about to blossom. So much is about to be able to come true and it feels super scary and safer actually to retreat, right? Because we can’t be in a sea of growth, a state of expansion, a state of elevation, and a sea of protection at the same time. It’s one or the other, and growth is scary. Growth always asks us to meet a new edge of ourselves that we have not yet met. And the analogy that I shared with this client on this call, I was like, Babe, you are a Ferrari. Like, stop pretending to be a Honda Civic. You are a fucking Ferrari. And I think like that is true for each and every one of us. Right? You are a Ferrari. And in the moments that you are too afraid of your growth, you’re too afraid of what’s going to happen on the other side, you are acting like a Honda Civic because here’s the thing, right? It is safer to drive a Honda Civic than it is to drive a Ferrari seemingly right. For ease. Go fast Ferraris, drive tension, Ferraris have all eyes on them. It feels safer to drive a Honda Civic.

The lies we tell ourselves that self-sabotage our progress

But here is the lie, right? The lie is if I’m driving this Ferrari, I’ve got more to lose, right? How do you have insurance? It’s fine. You’ve got more to lose. You’re driving something bigger and expensive. And I think that for clients who are like up leveling and getting to this place, and this can happen on the most subliminal level, we can self sabotage and not even recognize that we’re doing it guys. How many times have you been there right? You’re in a sales call. And there’s a part of you that’s like, I don’t really know if I can help this client or I feel kind of weird about this new price point. And so we’re sort of half in, we’re like going through the motions with our, you know, sales process. So that and when it doesn’t convert, we can say, see, look, it’s just not working, when really, if you were in your full, unapologetic potent Ferrari energy sale would have been a no brainer, that would have closed, we know what would have happened with that. But there is some part of you afraid of that growth, afraid of the voltage, the wattage, the full power, horsepower, of being the Ferrari that you are, doesn’t make you bad. It doesn’t make you wrong, it makes you human.

How to find the emotional safety of being fully expressed and embodied

So if that’s been you, and you’re like having this lightbulb moment, that’s okay. What I want to remind you of right now is finding the emotional, the nervous system, the energetic the vibrational feeling of safety and trust being the Ferrari that you are being fully expressed, being fully embodied being fully powerful in the way that you execute and show up in your energy in your frequency on the day to day in your business, in the goals that you set in the in the ambition that you have, because where I see clients like when when there is a gap, or a stagnation or something that comes up, like sometimes, sometimes there is something externally off like a lunch that doesn’t make sense or whatever, but 99 times out of 100, there is a gap between energy and execution if the strategy is set. And it’s like really tempting to think though the strategy is wrong. It’s like, if you have a strategy that’s going to get you to that Ferrari result, but you’re showing up in the energy in the frequency of a Honda Civic, we’re not going to get Ferrari results, baby girl, like, I’m sorry, that’s just the way that it is. And, again, this isn’t about like making it bad or wrong. If you’ve done that we have all been there. What this is about is highlighting our attention and our energy back to what actually moves the needle in business, what actually makes a difference. What actually builds momentum builds results and builds a community builds so much ease in your business that it gets to keep happening over and over and over again.

Uncovering your biggest fear of embodying your up-leveled self

Again, I know that it feels scary to own. What is the biggest fear that you have about embodying that Ferrari energy of stepping into that level of growth and impact? Maybe it’s the fear of failing, maybe it’s the fear of being big, being visible, going big, and not being able to repeat it and feeling publicly. Maybe it’s the fear of, you know, if you embody that Ferrari energy, you’re going to make all the other you know, Toyota Camrys, and Honda Civics in your life feel bad or feel inferior, like this fear of being big and taking up space. More on that soon. But like, right, that those are all fears that come up when we shine bright when we excel when we are exceptional, phenomenal, gorgeous, talented, taking up space talking about money. I know the first time I started talking about money online, it was like, Whoa, who does this girl think she is? She was a teacher. She’s just a helper. She started a literacy program in Costa Rica teach us and talk about money online. No, that’s not the thing, right? Again, we’re in this is a question I want you to answer for yourself. Where are you letting an old identity of you somebody else’s identity, somebody else’s perception and projection of who you are and what needs to be true for you? Where are we letting that identity constrict you? And hold you back from becoming an embodying who you already are? Which is a freakin Ferrari. Where are you letting it hold you back? Where are you letting it stop you from being in the full, magnetic, potent, powerful, unapologetic, human that you are? Guess what? Guess what?

Why holding yourself back calls in clients who will do the same

And this is where I think this is really interesting, right? Because we want we all want for our clients. We want clients who know where they’re going, they’re ambitious, they’re self responsible, they find a way they make it happen. They’re energized. They’re just like in this really put in place. And yet where we come up against the thing is like, I wonder where all these people are like, Why aren’t they showing up when you embody and this is just like a shift that I have witnessed in my own business as shift that I’ve witnessed in the businesses of my clients. Everything starts with you. Okay, and this is not like narcissistic, the world revolves around me sort of thing this is about your business is the biggest personal development experiment that you could ever be in Rate, everything is a mirror, reflecting back to you, what you believe, how you feel, what your internal reality is, what that experience of being inside of your business is. That is what we get reflected back to us in the people that we attract. And so if you are in a Honda Civic energy, right, trying to manifest and call in Ferrari clients, this is not just about like status, how much money people make? No, it is about the energetic competitiveness all in this how they show up, right? If we are doing this dance, where we’re wanting to go big, but don’t really trust ourselves, or we’re feeling the expansion in the call, but then hold ourselves back kind of half acid in the energy and execution sort of like, do this cat and mouse thing. That’s when we start to call in clients with a lot of objections. That’s when we start to see this wishy washy thing is because it’s all a mirror.

So I want you to ask yourself, like truly, honestly, deeply like where in your business? Are you embodying an energy that downplays the power that you hold? Question number one, question number two, what about big growth scares you You’re big doesn’t have to be version, my version of big okay, that we are all on our own perfect journeys. This isn’t about like, you have to build an X figure business in order to be happy. No, you will be super freaking happy with making $100,000 a year that might make you super lit up. Some of you might be like, I want to make $100,000 months. Some of you won’t be like, I just want to make 70k a year replace my salary. You know, be be happy. This isn’t about you have to chase 70k, a year, a seven figure year whatever this is about? What is your version of big? What is your version of growth? What is your edge your current edge? What are you stepping into? And what about that scares you? Because when you can identify what it is about that next bigger iteration of yourself, maybe it’s the judgment of friends and family, maybe it’s the fear of public failure? Maybe it is the fear of I’m not going to know enough. What am I going to do if I have a client? Who’s attracted to me? Because my business starts to grow? And I have a lot of momentum, but I can’t actually help them. What then what am I going to do in that instance? Right? That’s like, imagine, imagine for a second Imagine if the doctors of this world use that logic, we would be pardon my French, we would be fucked. Right? If the doctors of this world said, I’m super scared about, you know, having to do a surgery and not being able to save that person. So it’s better that I just don’t practice medicine at all. Like literally, that’s the logic that’s that’s the logic that we that would perpetuate doctors not being a thing, because what if they failed? That race is always going to be there.

The risk of growth is choosing the desire that you want the thing that you are growing into over the status quo and the thing that you are growing out of that you know, you do not want so you tell me what is the greater risk if you are discontented in a honda civic life, you know, you’re a freaking Ferrari, you’ve got the key dangling in your fingertips. And all you need to do is put it in the ignition, put on your freakin sunglasses, buckle up and get ready to drive the Ferrari that you are. What is the bigger fear? complaining, saying stuck, not enjoying driving that Honda Civic. or feeling the velocity, the potency, the power of the engine that you are stepping into that next level iteration. Here’s what I can tell you. When you rise when you upgrade when you elevate. It is uncomfortable, you are going to like a new car, you’re gonna have to learn to calibrate to that different level right that different frequency. But when you do this, you get used to it you become accustomed this becomes your new normal and Isn’t this what you wanted? Isn’t this what you were calling in?

Why you should trust yourself to figure things out

So do not let the fear in the story and the projection? And what if I can’t do this and what if this happens? You will figure it out. You will figure it out. Because you know how to drive because you know what it is you’re doing? No matter how much there’s a story in you that says I don’t you actually know what you’re doing. Where are you afraid of your own power? Where are you afraid of your own growth? Where are you choosing what you know even though you don’t love it and it is too small for you? Where are you choosing that Over the next level activation of picking up your Ferrari key and putting it in the engine buckling up and going for a ride. Guys, this entrepreneurship is like a beautiful, a beautiful game. It’s a beautiful game. It’s a game where we get to meet ourselves where we get to observe our own contraction, our own bullshit, our own stuff that holds us back. And we get to choose another pathway to choose your own adventure situation. It’s literally the beauty and the terror of this is that it’s in your hands. It’s in your court, the balls in your court. And I’m using so many different analogies right now. But truly like the ball is in your court, which keys are you going to pick off the table? What story are you going to write about who you are, what your power gets to be? What’s the narrative that you are going to allow your growth to have over you? Is it the narrative of I am, I am just, you know, I’m just there. They’re a Ferrari, people look at her. She’s a Ferrari girl, she gets to have a Ferrari life because everything worked out for her. I can tell you right now that I did, like there was no Ferrari inheritance over here.

This is about choosing your own adventure, choosing what gets to be true for you choosing the narrative, the story of your life, that you want to be real, and embodying that energy backing that looking the terror of your own growth in the face, and saying, You know what, I’m going to rise anyway. Because the fear of not rising, the fear of staying in a life in a business in a reality and an income and an impact in a career that is too small for me, is more terrifying than what I don’t know how many times as a kid, were you afraid of the dark, I was afraid of the dark, I used to have my mom count at the top of the stairs, when I would go down into the basement, I don’t even know I would go down where we had like an unfinished play area in the basement, I used to have a cow at the top of the stairs, one, two and a run down into the basement. Anybody else do this I would run down into the basement. And I would be like getting my things and like wanting to hurry up. I was so scared of the dark. I was scared of like the dry we had a washer and dryer down in the unfinished basement. I was like scared that they had like Jaws and we’re going to eat me. And it’s like actually really sweet to think back to that now and think Ella’s gonna, hopefully not have those like scary thoughts. But you know, the things we invent as kids, right? We’re scared of the dark. But we’re not actually scared of the dark. There’s nothing inherently scary about the dark, we’re scared of what we can’t see. We’re scared of what we don’t yet know. We’re scared of the things that could be out there. And just like a scary monster could be out there in the dark to get us. Nine times out of 10. That’s not the case, nine times out of 10. It’s literally just the same reality, different lens, different lighting. And it’s the story that we superimpose on it that stops us from even entering that room.

Why you should never let the fear of the unknown get in your way

Do not let the fear of your growth and the fear of the unknown stop you from doing what you were born to do. And it’s not just about doing what you were born to do. It’s not just about taking up space and posting the content and launching the program and whatever. It’s about doing it with the energy of I am here. This is happening. This is going to work I am magnetic, I am potent. I am powerful. And the work that I am here to do in this world is of extraordinary value. It’s of extraordinary value and service. And I I’m not needing anything. I just know that it’s all coming to me. Abundance, money, financial success. Dream clients pay in full clients, women who make it happen. Women who are more committed to their growth than their own excuses, because that is the energy that I am bringing to my business to my work day in and day out. If you are listening to this on the podcast, send me a DM on Instagram. Tell me what your biggest takeaway is right now. What I want you to know, my love is that you are a Ferrari.

You may feel like you’ve been in a bit of a Honda Civic rut, but baby You are a Ferrari. Own it, embody. Embrace it. Get ready because it is all coming to you. I love you guys so much. I hope this has been impactful. I hope this has lit something up inside of you that changes not just what you do, but how you do it. Because it’s the energy with which you do the things not the things themselves that create results that generate moments that make it happen. If you are like I need this woman in my life right now I need her in my business, I just need to get a little bit more of this. There are a couple of beautiful ways to make that happen right now guys, I’m selling a private Voxer container, one on one unfettered access to me, to my brain to this energy to this potency to this like remember of who you are vibration and frequency to be infused into your business, your content, everything that you are creating. If you are a woman who is ready for that she doesn’t know how she’s going to make it happen, but she knows she needs to make it happen.

Send me a DM, let’s be in the conversation. Let’s look at that together. I am also hosting an in person retreat in September that I am so excited about if you are stateside and wanting to be in person to go deep and fly high and all of the things send me a DM I would love so much to spend that time with you. We have such a beautiful group I’ve like barely promoted this and we’re already half full. And I’m going to start talking about it more and more. But if that sounds like something that really really speaks to you, send me a message and I am just so excited to dive into that with you guys. I love you so much. And I’m so so stoked to be here. Truly super grateful. So send me a DM let me know your biggest takeaway from this. And if any of those offerings sound resonance for you. Send me a DM baby. You’re a Ferrari. Don’t forget it. I love you all. Bye.

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