VIP Business Coaching Testimonials

Amanda Kolbye headshot

“I have built my coaching business from ground zero to a booming business and hit 7 figures my first two years in business.”

Amanda Kolbye​

Business and Marketing Coach

Elaina Ray headshot

“I am now hitting consistent $10K cash months, have had 2 back to back $20K months, and my private practice is booked out 6 months in advance.”

Elaina Ray

Business Mentor for Spiritual Entrepreneurs

Hannah Koenig headshot

“In a few short months I went from not having a business to booking out multiple high-ticket coaching packages, bringing in my first 5 figures, and setting myself up to scale to six figures.”

Hannah Koenig

Business and Success Coach

Nora Wendel headshot

“I went from making $500 a month to making just under 10k a month within the span of 6 months!”

Nora Wendel

Feminine Embodiment Coach + Relationship Expert

Nina Lewis headshot

“After working with Cait, I became fully booked in my practice and had my highest cash months since the inception of my business!   When I first met Cait, I was struggling just to make $800 a month in my business- after working with Cait, I quickly grew to $4k profitable cash month and still counting in my business all while still working a FT Job.”

Nina Lewis

Social Media Manager

“When I started working with Cait I was just about to hit multiple six figures, and now I’ve crossed the $2 million in 2 years mark! I went from making $30-$40K sales a month to $300K+ month sales in just 15 months!”

Shoshanna Raven

Business & Leadership Coach

Business Mentor

“It has been 4 weeks and I’ve done over 10K in sales, I have a clear and concise message and know what I’m doing, and this is just the start for me.”

Human Connection Coach

“I did one 3 hour deep dive session and in that time she gave me everything I needed to make a very quick and smooth transition from 15 years in live entertainment over to the virtual world. In just the 2 weeks since working together I have booked 4 virtual workshops, a handful of discovery calls, built systems and it’s incredible how quickly she helped me change my business into something that is going to work for me moving forward.”

Sarah O’Connor

Empowerment Coach

“The amount of clarity I got in 3 hours was incredible. I didn’t know if my ideas made sense, but she was able to pull out the main themes and put a strategy together.”

Neha Premjee

Ayurvedic Weight Loss Transformation Coach

“I was making around $500 per month, and under Cait’s wing I hit 20K months. My first five figure month was multiple five figures!”

Nail Your Niche

Sara Kas headshot

“We completely pivoted my business and in the first month Cait helped me bring in 4K and sign 6 clients doing something I am so passionate about and not to mention good at.”

Instagram Strategist for Entrepreneurs

Michelle Garone headshot

“During our 10 weeks together I signed 15 new clients – 10 new group coaching clients and 5 1:1 clients resulting in over 10K in sales.”

Michelle Garone

Business Coach For Network Marketers

Maxine Anne headshot

“During our time  together, I completely booked out my 1:1 practice. I currently have 4 clients, all that signed on during our time together, totaling over $6400 more than before I was selling my 1:1 service.”

Embodiment Mentor

Lauren Taylar headshot

“With Cait’s support, I have signed my highest package, hit my highest months of sales, been asked to speak as a guest expert in masterminds, and built out a new offer.”

Website Designer and SEO Strategist

Alexis Hannigan headshot

“Since Nail Your Niche, I have launched an online workshop, received more engagement on social media, which quickly led to further bookings and business growth!”

Alexis Hannagan

Founder of The Sanctuary Yoga Studio

Carla Marconi headshot

“Before the course I kept making excuses for not starting because I was confused with who I was serving. Working through the program really helped me boil down who I wanted to help and how I was going to approach them.”

Carla Marconi

Mindset & Business Coach

“I sold out one of my courses and am launching a second soon”

Sarah Lachance

Sales Mastery Accelerator

Sabi Kerr headshot

“Since I began working with Cait I booked out my 1:1 practice, hit my biggest month in business, increased my rates, and massively increased my audience size and visibility.”

Sabi Kerr

self love & transformational life coach and yoga teacher

Carly Schroeder headshot

“During this program I signed on THREE high ticket 1:1 clients, doubled my prices, created my first sales funnel, on-boarded my first team member and have a FULL understanding of product suites and the customer journey.”

Personal Brand Coach & Designer

Hannah Cluely headshot

“Since completing the Sales Mastery Accelerator I have had two incredibly successful launches taking in over $15K on each, as well as filling out my VIP 1:1 Coaching Container for the next 3 months, signing 7 clients at $2500 each, totalling $17,500.”

Hannah Cluely 

Business Empowerment Coach

Jeremy headshot

“My onboarding process is now almost 99% automated, which frees up my time to focus on more important things, like getting new clients.”

Jeremy Lipkowitz

High Performance Mindfulness Coach

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Radiant Living School Mastermind

Sophia Le Page headshot

“I’ve hit my first 5 figure month, booked out my VIP coaching practice, am slaying my discovery calls & fielding press offers left & right! Not to mention, I now have a strategy in place to replicate this success over and over.”

Rebel Queen Coach

Nikki Loots headshot

“Within our second month together, I not only doubled my monthly income, I had my biggest cash month ever! But that’s not all…Things got even more epic! In month 3, I reached another highest month… And I’ll tell you one thing, things aren’t slowing down!”

Self-Love Expert

India Clark headshot

“She helped me to envision and launch my first online group program and the sell first 3 seats before even announcing it.”

India Clark

Life Path Mentor For Creative Souls

Rachel Devloo headshot

“Radiant Living School is the catalyst I needed to take me to the open, aware and truly inquisitive state I needed in order to call in the life, love and desires my heart has always longed for.”

Rachel Devloo

Inner alignment coach

Anna Cantwell headshot

“To see my business grow in ways I  never knew during a time as crazy as the pandemic was PURE magic.”

Anna Cantwell

Soul Coach & Mindfulness Expert

Rise Mastermind

Briana Beers headshot

“In the last 9 months I worked with Cait, I signed 93 new clients!”


Heather Moran headshot

“I hit my first $30k sales month just one month after hiring Cait, a $20k sales month during a pandemic & working towards a $40k month right now!”

Brand Photographer

Carrie Koh Ted X

“After working with Cait, I’ve had monthly sales from 10K to 55K!  I now have the tools and confidence in my online presence to continue to elevate.”

Business Profit Coach

Anna Loza headshot

“It has been such a transformational year together. Cait saw me and supported me through numerous launches and the hosting of the biggest programs I’ve ever put out.”

Anna Loza

Soul Embodiment & Guidance Coach

“In just six weeks I brought in $31K into my business and life.”

Veronica Demarest

Business Coach

“I had a $52K launch and enrolled 12 amazing women”

Victoria C Lutzhoft

business coach

Megan Lambert

Masculine, Feminine Intimacy Coach

“In one month I booked out my coaching practice and doubled what I was making in my corporate consulting job. I never thought I’d make that kind of money again, especially doing what I love and is fun.”

7 sisters

“With Cait’s help I sold my first 1:1 with a 50K price point and crossed the 1 million euro mark!”

Chiara Digiusto


“We are celebrating consistent multiple 5-figure months, as well as having our first $52K month!”

Ana Kinkela

“I had a successful $500K launch and $1M+ cash year working 15-20 hours a week!”

Jazze Jervis