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The 6 Types of Content

The Key Takeaway to Remember for All Content Types.

If mindset is king in the world of online business, the content is most definitely queen when it comes to establishing your brand, growing your tribe, and expanding your impact.

Content is also a space that freaks a lot of entrepreneurs out. How to create it consistently. What to write about. Where to share it. And on and on.

The golden rule when it comes to creating content: Create value. The community, connections, and sales will follow.

Content creation is one part ARTFORM, one part SCIENCE. And this Blog post is designed to eliminate the confusion around content creation for good, by breaking down the 6 types on content you need to be posting on the regular in order to build community, strengthen your brand voice, and build your tribe of devoted followers, turned fans, turned raving customers!!

Here is my 6-part content type system that breaks down for you exactly the types of content you need and where to post it.

1. Education

Content that teaches, guides or demonstrates a process, concept or approach. The purpose of EDUCATION content is to give your audience value, guide/teach/demonstrate a process, and position yourself as an expert on a particular topic.

Examples: How to make this green smoothie, What you need to know about the changing Facebook algorithm, how to land house sitting gigs, sales process, Ayurvedic tips for everyday wellbeing, what you need to know to make a brand board, how to drop into your feminine energy, etc.

Best platforms to share Education content:

  • Facebook Page Post
  • Facebook Group Post
  • Blog Posts
  • Guest Blog Posts
  • Live Videos
  • Pre-Recorded Videos
  • Masterclasses/Webinars
  • Live Events
  • Email marketing

2. Aspiration

Content that showcases the transformation you’ve experienced – where you started, where you are now, and what it took to get there. This could include sharing your wins, your clients wins, big (i.e.features in press/with celebrities or other established thought leaders. The purpose of ASPIRATION content is for you to confidently stand at “B”, speak to your own process of transformation, be real with your audience, shine your light and show those just approaching “A” what is possible.Examples: Facebook post that says “Five years ago I sat with my head in my hands dreading going to work – I thought teaching/mentoring/leading always had to look this way — chronic burnout/self-destruction…fast forward to now….”

Best platforms to share Aspiration content: Facebook Page Post
Facebook Group Post
Instagram Posts Insta Stories Live Videos
Podcast Interviews Email Marketing

3. Elevation

Content written/shared in the second person singular – “You’ve got this!” Cheerleading, motivation. Benevolently inspiring others to never give up, keep moving forward.

Examples: Inspiring quotes on Instagram, YouTube blasts of inspiration (see Alexi Panos’ YouTube channel). There are even entire brands built around this (i.e. Amber Valdez, Life Purpose Cheerleader)

Best formats to share Elevation content: Facebook Personal Profile Post Facebook Page Post
Instagram Posts (especially quotes) Insta Stories
Short Videos Twitter

4. Relation

Content that makes people fall in love with you because of their humanness, goofiness, quirks or other relatable traits. Vulnerability is important here. The purpose of RELATION content is to — go figure — make your audience feel like they can RELATE to you, and feel more in the same boat.

Examples: Jenna Kutcher posting pics of mac and cheese, bedhead photos, Marie Forleo video snippets on her Facebook page of her dog licking her chin & dancing in the kitchen, glimpses into your friend/family life, guilty pleasures, blooper photos, Jordan Younger showing her struggle with her health even as a wellness expert.

Best platforms to share Relation content: Facebook Personal Profile Post Facebook Page Post
Facebook Group Post Instagram Posts
Insta Stories Blog posts
Podcast Interviews Email marketing

5. Question

Where you ask a direct question to your audience to engage. The purpose of QUESTION content can be multifaceted: for market research purposes, to encourage engagement, or to gain clarity on your ideal markets struggles/problems so you can better serve them.

Example: Quizzes on websites (i.e. Kaye Putnam’s brand archetype quiz), Instastory polls, questions with colorful background on FB pages/profiles/groups?

Best platforms to share Question content: End of an email
Quiz on a website Facebook Group Post Insta Story Poll
Questionnaires to current or past clients

6. Promotion

Promoting an offer, upcoming launch, or product/service you have for sale. Note: Not all promotion content is SALES content, but it is all around something coming to the marketplace. The purpose of PROMOTION content is to lead the reader/listener into looking at a program/product/service that is coming to the market. This should be done with moderation!

Best platforms to share direct marketing content:

Instagram & Instastories Facebook page
Facebook groups (in moderation)
At the end of webinar or masterclass

Paid Advertising: Facebook Ads Instagram Ads YouTube Ads InstaStory Ads

The Key Takeaway to Remember for All Content Types.

Make sure every piece of content ends with a clear call to action. Ask yourself before you share: What do you want your audience to do? And make sure you instruct your audience what action you want them to take.

Examples of CTAs:

  • Double tap (Instagram) if you agree/feel me! (purpose: encouraging your audience to like the photo).
  • Tag a bestie/friend who always has your back (purpose: getting your message in front of more people)
  • Click the link in bio for more details (Getting your people to a page where you’re sharing more information).
  • Drop an emoji/gif below if you want more details/to describe how you feel

Reply to this blog and let me know your biggest struggle with content!

xox Cait

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